Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Can't Believe It's August....

Seriously, we are in the second-heading into third week of August. Before we know it school will be starting and I will have no time for anything. Luckily I have been able to do some pretty neat things this past month:

Peaks with the Border family


Please note that Tina is a chicken... haha. She's gonna kill me.

Ignore my best friend's amazing flexibility, this is supposed to remind me of Softball with the Vikings.

Empanadas in Vegas :) 

My AMAZING invention. "Shhh, I'm brilliant" 

my puppy, Underdog 

And of course, Iceblocking
Not to mention some great times with my dear buddy Amy... If only we had taken pictures... Oh wait, we did. Saran Wrap is an awesome addition to any adventure...

Ope,  lets not forget an amazing season of So You Think You Can Dance. Nat, Tina and I have spent all season catching up on recorded episodes. We closed the season with lots of tears and an ecstatic heart! Yaay Melanie!

Speaking of dance... I don't think I brag about Nat enough, or maybe I do, but there is a good reason why. I have never met anyone who works as hard as she does. Dance is her passion and boy is she good at it. She has been going to some classes at UVU this summer and I have had the privilege of coming along and watching. This last week however, I was caught sitting in.. After quite a bit of prodding I reluctantly joined in and learned this:

I know its dark but the lights were off, sorry.. I have a new appreciation for this form of art, I am also very aware that I am NOT a dancer. Never will be. But I'm okay with that, I had a LOT of fun. I am excited to see Nat progress this school year, she never disappoints.

(p.s. Extra points if you can pick out Nat in the video)

So, here's to an incredible summer! I'm ready to finish it out strong and prepare myself for another school year. Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sometimes we forget...

"The more displeased we are with our efforts, the less we feel capable of pleasing the Lord, and the less inclined we are to step toward Him when He calls. As we cling to our failures, we lose faith in His desire to rescue us from the storm. We choose instead to drift further into the night. Focusing on negative past experiences, we put ourselves out of His reach....

"Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ do not withhold healing light, but sometimes we become too 'Hardened'- especially hard on ourselves- to accept it. When caught in the darkness of disappointment, little do we remember the true nature of so many mortal failings. They can be stepping-stones put in place by a loving God, pointing toward future success. They provide perfecting exercises in faith and patience, and they offer opportunities to repent and become new. Sometimes failure is the blessing itself as we are privileged to make sacrifices. No matter the reason, some failure is necessary. Never slipping, sinking, nor fumbling on earth was Lucifer's plan. WE chose the Lord's...

"Daybreak awaits as we come to observe our failures in a new light- the merciful, instructive light of God. May we draw closer to Him in the process, accepting His extended, rescuing hand."