Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I usually hate halloween, something about all the gore and scary people kinda freaks me out. This year hasn't been too bad. I've gone to a couple parties with friends rocking my Katniss costume and I look pretty dang legit. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures... about that a little later.

I found a temple buddy! Alyssa-- one of my all time favorite people--volunteered! I loved going to the temple with her and grabbing breakfast at Kneaders last Thursday. We investigated the car accident outside the window and discussed our lives. Oh, and it snowed for the first time! It ended up being a really beautiful day. I visited Carla and her kids, they got to play in the snow for the first time!

About the phone thing... I have been having issues with calls lately, turns out I had to go all the way up to Murray to see if they could do anything about it. The erased my whole phone... no more pictures of playing with Carla's kids in the snow and no pictures from the previous weekend. Unfortunately my only source of journaling is through pictures, I'm in big trouble.

Saturday night I spent all night worrying about what I was going to speak on during Sacrament, then my bishop called and told me I didn't have to speak anymore! Bad news is, I have to speak sometime in November... I think I have spoken more than anyone else in my ward.

Sunday night I hung out with Carter and Leandra for a while. It was fun to catch up with them and see their new puppy! We had a nice dinner together, it was a lot of fun!

I feel like this week has dragged on forever. I still have to wait until tonight at midnight to sign up for next semester's classes. Fortunately I have them all picked out already, just need to wait until it opens!

Have a lovely halloween-and be safe! *This is the only holiday where it is acceptable to eat stranger's candy...sorta*

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


#theworstshowintheworld... seriously. You are allowed to watch one episode, let me know what you think. TLC has the most interesting/addicting shows.

Anyway. Take a look at this:

Do you see that? No homework due until Monday! Let the heavenly chorus begin! Who celebrates a whole weekend with no homework? THIS GIRL. 

Last week flew by! On the weekend I hung out with Kaylor and Ben at the Provo eXtreme Air Sports place, which was a TON of fun! We dressed up for the halloween dance held there and got to jump on the huge trampolines and play in the foam pit. After we got some frozen yogurt and went back to Ben's apartment to play some guitar and sing.  

This week has dragged on and on. It's only wednesday and I have had something due every day. I lost my planner last week and I went absolutely crazy! I got behind on a lot of stuff so this week has been catch-up week. Luckily I got almost everything done so all I have left is to read a couple chapters for my marriage class. I might actually have some veg time! wohooo! 

For those that know me know that I have a deep love for concerts. Actually I just love music. For my half birthday yesterday (another wohoo!) my buddy Amy, her friend Shaunelle, and I went to the All-American Rejects, Parachute, and Boys Like Girls concert. Here are some pictures from last night.

Parachute at the top left and Amy's love Tyson Ritter's camper.
No big deal. 
The men of the night!

So funny story about the picture above, we decided to head home pretty early so we started to walk to our cars... guess who we see!?!? Will from Parachute. I chased him down so we could get a picture! Look at his beautiful face! Oh and on the left we have Tyson Ritter. Crazy, and even more drunk than we could possibly imagine but one heck of a memorable concert! Thank you Amy for such a fun night! 

Last of all, I love my mother. I had drawn a balloon on my hand-made chalkboard and she made an addition of her own:

Thanks mom!

Monday, October 15, 2012


There is nothing better than hearing my mom and sister laugh in the living room over Modern Family... Life's simple pleasures. 


That kind of describes my day today, just another Monday. The whole day I have been thinking about updating this thing but there are so many things I would like to say and none of them have to do with what has happened the last couple weeks. Sigh. I guess I'll find a way to incorporate it as I highlight these last two weeks.

First, conference. It was both maddening and amazing all in one. The rush of kid lining up to fill out their mission papers is going to be pure chaos--but ultimately really good for sharing the gospel. For those of you that didn't know, I had been planing on going on a mission for a while, these news could not have come at a worse time for me. I have been so anxious to go that the moment I heard I wanted to leave right away; however, thinking of my future children and spouse, I decided finishing school might be a good idea before I go.... grrrrrrrr. I will be a grandma compared to those 18 & 19 year olds... Regardless, I am still very excited to go. Besides that little--major--freak out I really enjoyed conference. (Oh, and my sister and I play "spot Kingman"--an old, but favorite, choir teacher--while she sings in the choir... it gets crazy).

Second, I am so happy with the weather we have been having.  I absolutely love Utah. Yes, I know that it is ever so frustrating to head off to school in a cozy jacket only to walk out dying to be in a short-sleeve shirt and shorts, but I am in love with this place. I even pulled out a beanie that my lovely sister bought me. Oh and p.s. colored jeans are my favorite. 

With fall comes halloween!! I have a pet peeve: halloween. I am sure this will be my future kid's favorite holiday but I strongly dislike it. I don't like creepy people, much less being scared... and for some reason I have found a deep love for the thrill of being scared out of my pants!! Ever since I went with Natalie two(?) years ago I have been dying to go back to Hee Haw's Cornevil Night Terrors... To some this might be the baby version of a haunted corn maze but it is more than enough for me! My good lacrosse buddy Kaylor and her cousin came with me during fall break, we had a blast! A quick ride up the hill lead us to the Timpanogos temple, Kaylor had never been before so I showed off my most favorite temple ever.

 Fall break was a lot of fun this year. Not only was the corn maze an adventure but I got to see my best friend! Nat spent a couple days with my family, it is always so nice to have her around. Tina, Nat and I were going to go to the BYU Art museum but it got too late, instead we visited Subzero for the first time and saw Taken 2! We made fun of the guy with the tag still on his sweater and ran through the rain... we are soooo funny.

The best part of the weekend came when I had the brilliant idea to surprise my family with some pumpkins. Since I am a broke college student I suckered them into giving me money and I returned with "punkins", carving utensils, paint, and a little creativity. My grandparents (being from a land far, far away that doesn't believe in carving pumpkins--jk they just have never done it) had a great time cutting into the pumpkin and caving out the bats. I love being able to create new memories with the people I love most. More than anything though I am glad my grandma is doing a bit better. Her memory has a ton of missing spots but I'm happy to still have her around.

These are the final results of our punkin adventures, can you guess who made what??
(Please insert your ooo's and aaaahhhh's here. )

To add to this glorious season, I am so happy that the lacrosse season is getting closer and closer. We are looking a little small but it is still pre-season, hopefully by January we can have more than 9 girls playing. This new mission announcement has taken about 5 girls, leaving us kind of vulnerable for the season. Our first scrimmage is coming up this Saturday against the glorious University of Utah... we will get our butts handed to us but that's not what lacrosse is about--we are very determined to have more fun than the U. Hopefully this will help our team grow closer together, if not... well there goes $500! Haha. 

Although it has kind of been a crappy Monday I am excited for this week. I have made a goal to go to the temple twice a week since I have school later on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If anyone would like to join me just holla!--man, I think I'm so funny. 

Anyway, I think that is all the updating I have to do. I will try to not get so behind on blogging, but I make no promises.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Catching Up

So it has been quite a few days since I've posted last and, as usual, I am here to overwhelm this page with updates... This blog, after all, is not for your benefit but for the torture of my future kids. Mwahahah!!

This semester has already been a huge miracle. Every time I look at my planner I get completely stressed out but as I take it day by day I am able to recognize God's hand in everything I do. I mentioned how hard this semester has been in the homework department, I have yet to miss or turn in an assignment late... not to mention, my grades are nearly perfect. This is an impossible feat for me; not once in elementary through high school did I ever get such incredible grades (even my mom was amazed... how sad).

I got my results for my art history test: 95/100

Results for Astronomy: 90%

Shakespeare essay and sonnet memorization: A

Total grade for Marriage and Relationships: 97.9%

History:... to be determined after midterms next week...

What is going on?!?! This is too ridiculous. However, I am very grateful for the blessings that have come through hard work.

I strongly believe these blessings are coming about for 2 reasons: (1) I have been reading my scriptures and saying my prayers more than ever before, and (2) I am trying my best to magnify my callings. This year's General Relief Society conference was incredible. I had the great opportunity to go with my mom to our stake center to watch it, I am so grateful for the technology that allows us to watch and re-watch these great women speak. If you haven't had the chance to watch it, please take the time to. There was nothing more comforting than hearing Sister Reeves remind me that "the Lord has not forgotten you". I love this gospel.

Although most days I won't admit to it, I really do love living at home. Not only does it save money but it saves my sanity. A big perk of living at home is having the choice to attend my home ward. Don't worry, my bishop hounds me about going to single's wards all the time but I refuse. I will get married one day but for right now let me prepare for a mission and play with all the kids!

I miss my calling in the young women's a lot. I missed teaching them every Sunday and listen to the drama I am so glad I don't have to live with on a daily basis... that was until I got called to teach sunday school. Hahaha. I am once again to teach these wonderful young women and the young men.... This will be another adventure. Fortunately I have another week to prepare for this madness... thank heavens for conference weekend!

"For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things..." 
2 Nephi 2:11

This has been my motto for the past few days... In the midst of all these great blessings my family has experienced a great opposition to test our faith.

Besides my mother there is one other woman who has played a huge role in my life, my grandmother. My mom's mother has been there for us since birth. Every step of the way she has been here to support and love us, now it is our turn to do that for her. For the past couple years she has been having mini-strokes, or so they think. She will pass out, convulse, and finally lose her ability to move and speak for a while. Her memory is erased from that moment forward... The second time this happened my sister was the one who found her on the floor of our house early one morning. Despite test after test doctors cannot find anything wrong, only making this more frustrating for our family.

Monday was the third time that this happened. My grandfather, who usually leaves early in the morning for work, felt the need to stay home with my grandma... Miraculously he was able to catch her before she collapsed again. I got the "call me, its urgent" text from my mom and she delivered the news that they were rushing her to the hospital, yet again.

It is so hard to see someone you love in so much pain. Test after test was done and again nothing out of the ordinary was found. My poor grandma still can't remember what happened, who came to see her, or what she did earlier in the day... We can only hope she recovers and that doctors can find a way to help her. Through this time we can only hold on to our faith and trust that Heavenly Father will hear our prayers and bring comfort, patience, and understanding to our family...