Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Worst Movie EVER?

Twilight. and the rest of the saga...

Sometimes I have the t.v. running in the background while I'm supposed to be doing homework (when I'm really blogging instead). Seriously, Kristen Stewart stresses me out, her acting is beyond horrible. However, like most people who hate Twilight yet are strangely attracted to the movies, I'll probably end up watching the last movie anyway. *sigh* Hollywood knows how to keep us hooked...

But that has nothing to do with what I want to write about. I really need to learn to update more often, unfortunately I have a horrible habit of stressing myself out to the point that I don't want to do any of the homework I'm supposed to do. So where do I turn? To blogging of course--and catching up on Lost with the fam (speaking of Hollywood...). Horrible habit. So here I am, trying to desperately remember what it is that I have been doing these past couple weeks. It is such a good thing that I take pictures, otherwise I would be at a loss.

November 3rd, thats a good place to start. I met Sydni in English freshman year, she thought my name was Susan for like 3 days until I was brave enough to correct her. It sort of became our inside joke and we hit it off from there. We had our second section of English together again and had some good times, even hit up the Halloween dance that year! Anyway, beautiful Syd got engaged last semester. Her wedding/reception was on the 3rd way up in Altonah, Utah. Nat joined me on our little 2 hour road trip to the reception (thanks for bearing with me Nat). It was so good to see her, she looked so happy! We had a lovely dinner and desert, watched the daddy/daughter dance--shed a few tears--and the newly weds danced the night away. I'm so happy for this girl!

I absolutely love getting mail. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my name on an envelope, even if it's from Sprint, haha. So here is a little shout out to Liz for making my day! I loved my letter, even if it took like 2 weeks to get here from Jerusalem. I miss her and Sara and I can't wait to see them in December. Thanks Liz!

 Oh the adventures that lacrosse bring... The sun has been setting earlier because of our time change, we didn't really realize that until our usual 5:30 practice felt like 9:00 practice. That definitely did not stop us though, we pulled cars around and turned on the headlights! It was definitely one of the most memorable practices ever. We may be few but we sure are dedicated, I love these girls already. It is going to be a great season!
 As I mentioned, I dressed up as Katniss for Halloween this year. I lost all record of it but something miraculous happened! Since my family and I had missed out on the Sierra family coming over to trick-or-treat we decided to recreate Halloween! We have grown to love this family so much. I spent the summer taking care of these beautiful kids while Carla was pregnant with baby David--she gave me one more kid to love! Her family loves our Colombian arepas so we made an evening out of it! Gus Gus dressed up as a little puppy--tail and everything and Sofia was a beautiful princess. Tina put on my cowgirl hat and my mom brought the arepas! We had a great time. I love this family.

Snow is here! My doggy is not the only one that's excited about it. I love the snow, but with it comes one of my pet peeves... I am kind of upset that the world is ready to skip over Thanksgiving just cause we have snow, Christmas music on the radio already?! Don't even get me started on Costco and Walmart... Something about hot chocolate (you already know how addicted I am to the stuff), warm blankets, jackets, scarves, movies... Ah it's my favorite time of the year! 
 On another note: My poor puppy is getting old... She's almost 8 years old and her back is starting to act up. We had to rush her to the vet this last weekend because she could barely walk, $100 dollars and 3 bottles of pills later she is back to normal-ish... I wish she could live forever...

This has been a fun week for my sister and I. We like to go on random adventures to the mall, to UVU in search for tickets for the Synergy dance company's performance on Thursday and of course, a hot chocolate run! Love this little tyke, many more adventures to come!

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  1. amen. twilight is the worst movie of my life which can be interpreted as kristen stewart is the worst actress in the world. LOST! might just be one of the best series i ever invested my time in. we are the same person... thanksgiving first THEN christmas. ps. the head & the heart tweeted today that their working on their new album!