Monday, May 9, 2011

Sneaky Little Camera Cord...

I have wanted to put up a new post for a very very VERY long time now, (just ask Natalie, I have been complaining about it for quite a while..) but that little rascal of a cord has been hiding... I have done sooo much in basically the last month since I posted and it would be too overwhelming to try and catch up with all of it in detail, so here are just a few highlights...

- After what seemed like forever, I finished finals and made it through my first year of college
(feel free to clap.. Thank you, thank you.)
- Helped by best friend move back home!! Celebrated with Modern Family, hehe.
- Helped Maddie accessorize for prom, she looked amazing!
-Made breakfast with Tina for the bestest mom everrrrr!
-A play date with Valerie and Nat to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving point! Ahh, so fun.
- Hung out with Abner and learned to not bother with tennis ever again...
-Discovered that Nat's house is further than I thought... Our steady workouts lasted a week. Haha.
- Worked my butt off at Vox with some of the coolest people ever.

And last, but certainly not least.... My latest adventure:


We planned this little family gathering Mother's Day weekend. My mom's aunts are visiting all month from Florida so it was a perfect chance for them to see something other than snow... It was awesome to have all of us together- Arnold and his family, Angelica & Quiquin and their beautiful kids, Aunt Liliana with Chris and Valerie, grandma and grandpa Urrea with grandma's sisters, Arnold Andres, Andrea, and us three of course! All 21 of us (plus a dog) in one three-bedroom-8-bed-three-bathroom house... What an adventure!

We left early Saturday morning and arrived around noon. We were all tired and hungry but ready to play. After a ton of unloading, Quiquin, Tina and I went on a bike ride while lunch was ready. We found a quite a few red dirt mounds and had lots of fun going off the jumps. After a very yummy BBQ, Tina and I were ready to go again. After what seemed like ages Tina finally got the courage to go down one of them, I was so proud! Finally, around four we decided to hit up the local Rec to go swimming. Although the pool was indoors, it was still a ton of fun going down the slide and playing with the little kids. We took the kids to the park where they were holding the Red Rock Relay- THAT was really cool to watch. Everyone had matching outfits for their teams, some were hilarious!

Later Saturday night, my mom, sister and I went to hit up the town. It was really cool to look at all the stuff they had. Tina was dying for a sweatshirt from one of the stores but they didn't have one in her size... Sad. We went back home and found everyone asleep... We had quite a few hikes (or so we thought) ahead of us Sunday.

Sunday was very eventful day... We got up early and packed up the cars, had breakfast, had a little testimony meeting and a very yummy lunch. After that we were ready to hit the trails! We stopped by the visitor center at Arches so that our Florida-visitors knew kinda what we were getting into, after twenty minutes of potty breaks, water-drinking, shoe tying, etc... We were ready to go! The drive up was incredible, lots of breath-taking views and picture opportunities. After a while we made it to Balanced Rock.... We hiked up and around it until we were ready to move on.. Or so we thought.

We spent almost two hours at Balanced Rock. Why? Well remember that dog I mentioned above? yeah,
he decided to jump out of the car and run into the wilderness... That freakin' chihuahua! We searched for ages
and ages. Had we been seen by the patrol we would have been busted for being off the trails.
Chris saw him jump out of the car and went after him, as soon at the dog saw Chris the dang dog bolted.
We thought he was a goner. We gave up looking after two hours
and headed towards the North and South Windows and the Double Arch....
A few hikes later we were ready to head home...
To make a long story short, they eventually found that little rascal of a dog.
Everyone rejoiced- The End

I had a lot of fun in Moab, it was quite an adventure spending so much time with so many people. Although our house smelled funny, the memories made were definitely worth it. I love my family very much, I am very grateful for the time I get to spend with them. I think the best part of our trips are always the hours spent in the car there and back. Windows down and music blasting is how we roll. So if you are ever invited to come on a little road trip with us, be prepared to hear lots of Juanes, Camilla, and Fonseca... and lots of singing out of tune :)

And last but not least.... Pictures!!!

Ah, food. Definitely one of the highlights :)

...I was hungry...

Mommy and Tina

Props to Tina for being brave!
One of the greatest fathers this world has ever seen.

Not all were excited about being at the park. haha.

One of the greatest mothers in the world..
Kinda hard to believe in this picture. Hehe.

My favorite boy in our family.
Hitting up all the cool stores.

Sweet little Valerie, Tina did a great job on her hair.

Tina and I had a little pre-hike warm up.

Ready to hit up the trails!
Soo pretty.

Moab was AMAZING. Can't wait to go again, and hopefully soon!!

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