Sunday, April 24, 2011

One Year Older and Wiser Too....

What at incredible weekend it has been. I spent Friday night with Abner, I had so much fun. Sushi for dinner and Soul Surfer after. Haha. I am sure his mother was ready to kill me, first day back and he was already out late... It was really nice to catch up though, he misses his mission but is happy
to be home.
Saturday was my birthday, it was seriously THE best birthday I have ever had. I was accompanied by family, had dinner and cheesecake :) so fun. It was nice to see everyone so relaxed and happy, I love when Valerie comes to play. We have a play date scheduled to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point this summer, she is very excited!

Birthday kisses

Aunt Lilliana and Uncle Chris
and my favorite cousin Valerie!

My best friends and roommates :)

Grandparents, Calero side

Grandparents, Urrea side

Cutting my favorite kind of cake... Cheesecake!

After cutting cake and playing with family I had the great opportunity to go support Natalie at her concert in Ephraim. The title of this performance was Cantata Mundi or Songs of the World. It was such a neat thing to see, I really really enjoyed watching it. Funnily enough I ran into an old friend there, what a small world... Anyway, the performance was truly breath taking, I cannot believe how amazing my best friend is. I seriously forget until I get the chance to go watch again. I am captivated every time. My mommy and I chatted about how amazing the arts are, they bring cultures together despite language barriers. We really liked it.

Waiting for the concert to start

Nat, her roommies and I after the concert

Today, Easter sunday, has been quite an amazing day as well. I had the opportunity to go to Abner's homecoming talks in his spanish and regular ward. They were soooo good. He talked about four different types of missionaries:

The first: Disobedient and prideful, does things his way and his way only... Doesn't finish out his mission...
The second: Disobedient BUT he finishes out his mission, whether out of fear of consequences or
simply because he has to...
The third: the missionary who "sacrifices" himself, obedient but does it for the fame. In his heart
he does what he wants because he can...
And lastly, the fourth: same as the third but with the significant difference that he puts his heart into the work.
He is obedient because he knows it is the ONLY way.
He loses himself in the work.
He is full of charity, does not compare himself to others.
He chooses using his agency,
he makes righteous decisions on his own.

That got me thinking about not only my future mission, but how I am behaving NOW. If I want to be a "type four" missionary, I have to be living it daily, not just expecting to become that out on the mission field... Anyway, Lots to think about...

I had been planning to do something for Nat's birthday two weeks ahead of time, all I needed were the right opportunities to execute a little surprise party with her family and some of her friends. After one long week I was able to sneak Allie's phone number out of her phone and conjure a little surprise for her. Overall I think it went pretty well, I have the Borders, my mother for the cake and Allie to thank for a perfect execution. Hopefully Nat wasn't too embarrassed, I think it went okay :) Love you Nat, Happy birthday tomorrow!

"One year older and wiser too....Happy birthday, to you!"

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