Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Have Fallen Off the Face of the Earth...

...But fear not, I have arrived once again. I guess this calls for a quick recap of what has been going on. To be completely honest I have no idea how to go about this. Do I add a picture for every major event? Do I just aimlessly spill words on this page about anything and everything?.... I don't know. This is why I never write in this thing, my creativity is about non-existent these days.

How about we go at it by months? deal. Pictures too? Sure, why not.

October was a month of firsts, I somehow managed to fall into the trap of playing lacrosse for UVU. Don't worry, I love it but I completely blame the Border family. Not that I enjoy it, but they have given me one more way to possibly injure myself. So far I've had a blast, we will see what happens once the season starts.

I love this stick. Arrived in November.
Tina started dancing this month too! I also blame the Border family for this.. Jk. Nat has been a great influence on Tina and she has finally had the desire to go after something she loves. Thanks Nat!

November brought quite a few adventures, Thanksgiving was spent at my Aunt's house with her husband's family. My uncle's three sisters are absolutely hilarious, they drool over little Valerie (no wonder she is so spoiled).

Bowling and meeting new friends with Brown and Nat was quite an adventure. I am happy to have met Chloee, she is the queen of lacrosse, her help is always welcome.

 This month also brought an Ikea trip with my beloved friend Amy, she always knows how to make me cry and feel better at the same time-- don't ask how that works-- I don't hang out with her as much as I should... I am grateful for her eventhough she hits me... all the time! I take that as a sign of love though. Tough love. Haha.

After a long, long time of not visiting the temple, a trip with my sister was much needed. The 2 hour wait was definitely worth it.

 Natalie's first dance concert of the year. Soooo much fun. I took Tina down with me to attend the Founder's Day Concert. Tina had her first sleep over down at Snow College. We lowered all the seats in my car, watched a movie, had wayyyy too much junk food, and camped out for the night. It was a blast!

Best camp-out of my life. How all three of us fit is a mystery. 
 December brought finals. And stress, stress, oh and some more stress.. The library became a second home for me. Although I didn't do as well as I hoped on some of my finals, I am happy with the outcome.

The best part about December is spending time with my family. I survived finals week and was out of school by the 14th, nothing like bumming around the house for a whole month before next semester...

I got to go to the Velour for the first time ever! It is such a cute and cozy little venue. It was definitely one of the best concerts I have been to. Nat and I originally went to see Isaac Russell but were surprised to have 25 great local artists play Christmas music along with Isaac. Ah, it was so fun. We stopped by Spark beforehand to grab something to eat.

 I got killed paint balling with Amy, I have never been more afraid in my life.. She got hit in the leg and I got nailed in the wrist but it was so much fun. Thanks for inviting me Amy!

 Finally, Christmas. One of the best years of my life. I love spending time with my family. These pictures should sum it all up.

Tina is getting so old... and my mom is pretty :)

Christmas dinner at Aunt's house

pure happiness. 

Sorry about the overload of information but I am finally caught up!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas, now let's wait for New Year's!

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