Monday, January 23, 2012

Time To Catch Up!

What is this? Third week of school? Yeah, definitely time for an update...

This semester has started out rough but I am very excited to see where it goes. I didn't think I was going to be able to go to school but I am lucky I have grandparents who love me and want to help out. Their support is appreciated, and an answer to many, many prayers.

I was super stressed about not being able to go to school for a couple reasons. First, I would have absolutely nothing to do and second, I have fallen in love with lacrosse. In order for me to play I had to be a full-time student, I had already payed some of my dues and been to every practice. Luckily my grandparents stepped in and saved the day. Now I am at a solid 15 credits with ethics and values, human development, dance conditioning, interpersonal communications and a couple institute classes. And most importantly getting to play lacrosse.

Last week as a team we got to man the club rush booth and a table by the bookstore in search for some new recruits. I made shirts for most of the girls on the team (some which I still haven't finished..), ate lots of candy and made some flyers for our upcoming fundraiser. Very VERY busy week but definitely worth it.

Yes, my fingers are in fact still green and yellow.. shirts turned out pretty dope.

Friday night brought the Vegas themed dance at Noah's. That was definitely an interesting experience. I had a lot of fun though, my lacrosse buddies are CRAZY.


Saturday brought the greatest practice of my life. Good ol' Utah has issues managing weather... Practice was held outside in the middle of a slush storm. At first it was rain, then it was snow and then back again. Whatever it was, We (mostly me actually..) had a blast.

My bestest lax buddies. Too bad you can't tell how soaked we are...

We are hoping people come out and support tomorrow. As a team we would really like to go far and in order to do that we need all the support we can get. We finally found a goalie, that puts us one step closer to having a full team. 

I am very content with the way things are working out. I am working hard in school and running my tush off at practices. This should be the best semester yet!

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