Monday, October 15, 2012


That kind of describes my day today, just another Monday. The whole day I have been thinking about updating this thing but there are so many things I would like to say and none of them have to do with what has happened the last couple weeks. Sigh. I guess I'll find a way to incorporate it as I highlight these last two weeks.

First, conference. It was both maddening and amazing all in one. The rush of kid lining up to fill out their mission papers is going to be pure chaos--but ultimately really good for sharing the gospel. For those of you that didn't know, I had been planing on going on a mission for a while, these news could not have come at a worse time for me. I have been so anxious to go that the moment I heard I wanted to leave right away; however, thinking of my future children and spouse, I decided finishing school might be a good idea before I go.... grrrrrrrr. I will be a grandma compared to those 18 & 19 year olds... Regardless, I am still very excited to go. Besides that little--major--freak out I really enjoyed conference. (Oh, and my sister and I play "spot Kingman"--an old, but favorite, choir teacher--while she sings in the choir... it gets crazy).

Second, I am so happy with the weather we have been having.  I absolutely love Utah. Yes, I know that it is ever so frustrating to head off to school in a cozy jacket only to walk out dying to be in a short-sleeve shirt and shorts, but I am in love with this place. I even pulled out a beanie that my lovely sister bought me. Oh and p.s. colored jeans are my favorite. 

With fall comes halloween!! I have a pet peeve: halloween. I am sure this will be my future kid's favorite holiday but I strongly dislike it. I don't like creepy people, much less being scared... and for some reason I have found a deep love for the thrill of being scared out of my pants!! Ever since I went with Natalie two(?) years ago I have been dying to go back to Hee Haw's Cornevil Night Terrors... To some this might be the baby version of a haunted corn maze but it is more than enough for me! My good lacrosse buddy Kaylor and her cousin came with me during fall break, we had a blast! A quick ride up the hill lead us to the Timpanogos temple, Kaylor had never been before so I showed off my most favorite temple ever.

 Fall break was a lot of fun this year. Not only was the corn maze an adventure but I got to see my best friend! Nat spent a couple days with my family, it is always so nice to have her around. Tina, Nat and I were going to go to the BYU Art museum but it got too late, instead we visited Subzero for the first time and saw Taken 2! We made fun of the guy with the tag still on his sweater and ran through the rain... we are soooo funny.

The best part of the weekend came when I had the brilliant idea to surprise my family with some pumpkins. Since I am a broke college student I suckered them into giving me money and I returned with "punkins", carving utensils, paint, and a little creativity. My grandparents (being from a land far, far away that doesn't believe in carving pumpkins--jk they just have never done it) had a great time cutting into the pumpkin and caving out the bats. I love being able to create new memories with the people I love most. More than anything though I am glad my grandma is doing a bit better. Her memory has a ton of missing spots but I'm happy to still have her around.

These are the final results of our punkin adventures, can you guess who made what??
(Please insert your ooo's and aaaahhhh's here. )

To add to this glorious season, I am so happy that the lacrosse season is getting closer and closer. We are looking a little small but it is still pre-season, hopefully by January we can have more than 9 girls playing. This new mission announcement has taken about 5 girls, leaving us kind of vulnerable for the season. Our first scrimmage is coming up this Saturday against the glorious University of Utah... we will get our butts handed to us but that's not what lacrosse is about--we are very determined to have more fun than the U. Hopefully this will help our team grow closer together, if not... well there goes $500! Haha. 

Although it has kind of been a crappy Monday I am excited for this week. I have made a goal to go to the temple twice a week since I have school later on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If anyone would like to join me just holla!--man, I think I'm so funny. 

Anyway, I think that is all the updating I have to do. I will try to not get so behind on blogging, but I make no promises.

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