Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Long time no see....

Wow the last time I posted was Thanksgiving--Christmas came and went (although not really because it is STILL snowing) and lacrosse season is finally near! So many things have happened since last post but instead of trying to summarize it all I will just say, Christmas and New Years went fantastic. We spent New Years in a cabin with all the cousins and grandparents and grand-uncles/aunts and little kids. It was a blast. The most memorable part of it was probably spending 3 hours learning the line dance from the new Footloose. Natalie is a great teacher--not to mention patient. My mom, sister, cousin Andrea, Natalie, and I performed it for all of our family before dinner. All who did not witness would probably not believe how skilled we truly are.

 I could not have asked for a better holiday season. 

January came around and brought school, which is the real reason why I haven't posted. Okay, that's a lie, I just haven't been in the mood. Call me [crazy] but this whole blogging thing does not come easy to me... My posts are few and far in between, but I'm okay with that.

With all the stresses that come with holidays and going back to school there was an added stress--one that can only come from following your mailman (but mine is a girl, so mail-woman??) around for days on end. I had submitted my mission papers December 20 and was anxious to receive my call, of course the Big Guy has to have a sense of humor because my call did not come until the end of January. Something about opening the mailbox and finding it empty--or worse, with ads for sales at all the places I DON'T go to--drained me emotionally. When you know it's right, when you've already had to wait years since you decided to put papers in and you want nothing more than to dedicate 18 months of your life to the Lord it gets a little tedious. Eventually, after many tears and heartbreaks, it came!

With friends and family gathered all around I had the most wonderful experience of opening my call. I had never felt so much love and support, not to mention all the pressure from having all the attention focused on me. With shaky hands, a heart full of joy, and help from those more experienced I opened the envelope... The Idaho Boise mission awaits me in June.

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I am absolutely ecstatic to share the one thing I love most, this wonderful gospel. 18 months of doing nothing but sharing the only truth found upon the earth, sharing the importance of families and the love God has for us. Until I get married, this will be this will be the most important and fulfilling work I will do. I cannot wait for June to come around, I can't wait to love and serve the people of Boise, ID!

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  1. i am seriously so excited for your mission! you are going to be a wonderful missionary!