Thursday, March 28, 2013

Good Morning, Spring.

The weather was absolutely beautiful yesterday, it made me so happy! The only down side was having lacrosse practice, I'm not used to the heat! I felt like such a slug on the field but I felt better not being the only one. 

This lacrosse season has been one of ups and downs. The Boise Classic was a ton of fun--not to mention I spend two days in my mission--it was also the first time all of us had been together on a field. We played fantastic as a team, bonded over pizza, pulled pranks, and sang Pitch Perfect in the car. 

We just returned from the Salt Lake Classic tournament. That was quite the adventure... within our first game we lost 3 girls- one was rushed to the hospital with what was believed to be a fractured leg, another with an arm injury, and I had to sit out because of a small concussion. Not to mention one of our players had strep and another had a cut on her hand... That was quite the adventure. We did not do as well as anticipated but we did win our last game! 

Besides lacrosse there is not much keeping my head in school. I am doing really well in all of my classes (except for math, of course). I have aced all of my tests and my midterms, I am just excited for the year to be over! I am anxious to get out on the mission field, I want to serve! 

Speaking of, there is nothing that gets me more excited than receiving letters from missionaries. My good friend Liz is in the MTC right now and will be leaving from there for the Russia, St. Petersburg mission by Wednesday! Reading her family emails and talking through letters has been inspiring. Often we think that missions are exciting, fun, and a wonderful experience. While those things are true we need to remember that missions are also hard. Missions will show us our weaknesses, they will humble us to the point that we learn to rely on our Heavenly Father 110% of the time. I have seen how much Liz has grown within the past few months and it is incredible. I am counting down the days until it is my turn! 

...69 more days... 

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