Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I am not a fan of clowns....

You should have seen me on my first birthday... My mother threw the biggest party ever, she even hired 'cute' clowns to come and entertain. I spent the whole night crying, I have about 400 pictures that are witnesses to this. I believe there are a total of 2 pictures where I am not crying..

It's a good thing I like my friends, otherwise I would not put my fears aside and go to the circus (knowing there are about a thousand clowns per performance). I don't know what it was about this circus that captured me so much, I know it wasn't the clowns, but I had a lot of fun. I don't remember the last time I had been to one, but I did know that if I was going to go it had to be one of the best circuses in town. Nat and I had made a summer goal of going to the circus, but since the whole summer came and went and we did not find a single circus we had to settle for one in the middle of this month.

I don't know what was more entertaining, watching the heffalumps dance around and hold each other's tails or Natalie's face. If I remember correctly I think this was her first circus, which I guess explains why her eyes were huuuuge. Like a little kid at a candy store, I swear. Nat keeps me young, reminds me that I don't always have to be serious (a more recent development, in high school I was anything but serious)....

I know these pictures don't do justice to just how much fun we had but here goes anyway.

[Disclaimer: My camera really really sucks..]

What Nat sees when she thinks of an elephant...

This thing was legit. Seriously. 

More elephants. They had stars on their bum. Adorable.

Half zebra horsies, I thought they were awesome.

Those big nasty burly men carrying a light-post swing.
I wish I could have swung on it...

This made me sweat bullets. Just as Nat, I was freaking out.

Happy friends! man, my hair is getting long...

My best friend does this, every day.... How cool is she?!

Can she get any happier? I don't think so. 

Overall, it was a great weekend. I'm always grateful for the time Nat sacrifices to come play for a few days. Thank youuuuu!

So just like any other girl on this continent, I am hooked on Pinterest. Thank you Amy... Anyway, my sister and I decided to experiment a little. Now, I did not inherit the creativity my mother and sister have, so I took a simpler approach. Give me a recipe and I can follow it and end up with a decent result... Well, what else to do on a Sunday night than to bake some cookies.... for your dog. Haha. Good way to see if things on this website actually work. Tina and I were pretty content with the results... Take a look: 

Patiently waiting.....

Ignore the tired look, typical of Sunday nights

One very happy dog. 

Well, they turned out pretty good. And healthy too! All that goes in it are: oats, flour, peanut butter, some apple sauce and milk... Does that look like one spoiled dog to you? Yes, yes she is. 

Happy Wednesday to you all. Find a reason to smile. 

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