Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moves Like Jagger...

There are very few things I really, really, really enjoy.

Here are a few:

One: sitting in the library... Don't ask me why cause heavens knows I don't go anywhere near a book or a shelf...or a bookshelf, but I do. Maybe it's because it is so quiet, I can listen to music and be in my own little world.... Oh, and because I can be a creep and watch people with their weird habits while they study/read/waste money on tuition by playing video games (not that I care or anything). I think I've decided that the more you try and hold a sneeze in, the dumber you look (just a random thought). Oh and that guy who is too lazy to tie his shoelace so he kicks it in front of him as he walks, has been walking around FOREVER....It's starting to bug. Maybe that should go into the "Things I really, really, really hate" post... Maybe another day.

Two: I like being at school. Notice I didn't just say I like school. It makes me feel smart, whether or not that's true is a toss-up but I don enjoy being here. I was pretty excited about my classes this year, except for the fact that I tend to have random 2-3 hour long breaks in between.. why did I do that? I don't really know but it has helped me get homework done.... and spend more time doing the above. (I almost said doing number one... but that would have just been awkward between me, myself and I.. Oh, and you.). This semester I am taking: music, humanities, anthropology-Idk how I feel about this class yet.. I'm thinking I might go into cultural anthropology, this monkey business is not really my thing- I'm sorry, apes, not monkeys-, math, health and of course institute.

Three: Making my mommy happy. If you don't know my mom you certainly don' t know that whatever she says, goes. No matter what. She could decide to paint the whole house blue with purple polka dots, and she would. I, fortunately, am lucky to have a mom with impeccable taste so I don't mind the changes she makes. The problem kinda comes in when I have 4 sections of math homework to do, reading, and a test... "Oh, but Kathy, you have an extra day to do homework, no school on Monday..." HA! yeah, that's what I thought too... Instead, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (sorry Big Guy), and Monday were spent remodeling my mom's business (pictures will come, promise). Although it was kind of a pain staying up so late painting, nailing, building, moving, painting, drilling, painting and hanging, I believe it was pretty much worth it. We aren't quite done yet but it looks good and my mom is happy. Which in turn makes the whole house happy.

Four: My best friend. Having her gone makes things kind of hard sometimes, she's the only one who really thinks I'm funny.. Or at least I like to think she does.. So, in order to make up for all the time she's gone at Snow College I save up all my best jokes for when she visits. Yaaaay!!! Glorious weekend this one will be, hopefully my mom doesn't have me trapped helping her finish setting things up at the business and I can go play with my bff. I don't know what we will be doing, but it will be fun. Dan-g it!

Well, seeing as I should probably work on all of that homework I am behind on I will cut things off here. I'm going to go find out where that girl got her watch... I want it.

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