Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm feeling a bit awkward today...

You know when you have a song stuck in your head? Well I have this rare condition that makes it so i get both a song and a random word stuck in my head (I haven't officially been clinically diagnosed, it may or may not be contagious...). Yesterday's was James Taylor's song: Carolina On My Mind. The word was "prelude". I'm like a dictionary with a word of the day. Sometimes I have words stuck in my head that I didn't even know existed, until I look them up and realize, wow, this is a word.... Anyway, this all leads to my word of the day, "awkward". This might explain why I think everything is slightly uncomfortable today. 

Ready for some examples? Here goes: 
  • That awkward moment when your leg starts shaking uncontrollably and someone asks if you're alright. (Am I the only one with this problem?)
  • That awkward moment when you get sandwiched between two big guys.... that you don't even know.. (Do guys walk around with blinders? I mean really? I know I'm short, but not THAT short.
  • coming out of the bathroom and completely crashing into someone running in. (I am happy to be blessed with awesome bladder control.)
  • That awkward moment where you decide to go to UVU and you realize that you will see anyone and everyone you wanted to avoid from high school/ junior high. (Oh the joys of living in O-Town.)
  • When I notice that Bill Nye is coming to UVU and I break out in his song.... out loud... 
  • That awkward moment when you think someone is waving at you but really it's the person behind you... (I guess I like to think that I'm cooler than I really am.)
  • That awkward moment when you sit RIGHT NEXT to someone instead of one seat over like every other normal human being. 
  • That really, really awkward moment with yourself when you realize you have no idea what you want to do with your life. So many options, so little time... and so much $$$$ on tuition!!! Gahh. 
True stories. Try them out, guarantee you'll get a couple weird looks. Good news fellers, its only 10 a.m and all of this has happened to me. Now, we can take these moments and put them into the "glass is half empty" mode of thinking... OR we can go with "half full" and laugh at every single one! Except for the last one of course, that just makes me want to cry...

Have a lovely day! Oh and in the words of Ellen: "Be Kind to everyone" 

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