Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall 2012

I have this really bad habit of not doing any posting during the summer, then things get awkward and I have to sabotage my page with like a million pictures. So ready or not, here it comes...

This summer consisted of:
Tanning.. Kind of.

Sunday Silliness

The city I fell in love with:


Celebrating the grandparent's 50th


Strawberry days fair and rodeo!

A little bit of lacrosse (I'm awesome I know)

Movies that made us laugh and cry 
Morning silliness 

Sister missionaries*

Random trips to City Creek with the sista


Ping pong/golf/football... all in one

eXtreme Air Sports 
....And many, many more adventures in between. Now the school year has started (we are three weeks in and I've already found myself struggling to keep up), lacrosse has started, and the time to blog has come again.

Now, the thing with blogging is that it becomes my procrastination escape. Like now, for example, I have an astronomy test next Wednesday and an art history test the following day that I have yet to study for--however, I did write a paper that is due today and read/analyzed a Shakespeare play. That is the beauty of 15 credits... Last year, since I managed to get a more than decent GPA I decided to step it up a notch and get all my schooling done before the mission, this requires me to take 15 credits this semester and another 15--I believe--for next semester.

 So my days end up looking kind of like this:

I know what you're thinking, Kathy quit your complaining... it really does not look that bad... My head can barely handle what I've had to do so far, not to mention all the little in between things that I have to do while my mom is at work, bahhh I can't wait until my sister can drive!!!! It's only Wednesday, I hope I can make it through the last two days of the week without any collateral damage.

That is all I have for you so far but trust me, the busier I get the more likely I am to post things... Which is horrible but at least it helps!

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  1. so i might have looked at your fb page, which then lead me to your blog (promise i'm not a total creeper searching for you all over the internet). thanks for keeping me company at the concert last night, i couldn't have handled those five 18 year old boys (and their mom) without you. glad we met, glad we saw the head & the heart, and glad that was one of the best concerts of my life.