Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Bliss

I was completely swamped yesterday between having my grandparents over (hence the little post yesterday) and desperately trying to memorize 25 pieces of art and countless details per artwork... I'm still not done but I figured I would decompress by posting about the concert on Friday.

Andy, a friend of mine, recently introduced me to the band The Head and the Heart, I had heard of them before but I hadn't really listened to them until Andy invited me to go with him and some of his friends to their concert... I walked out of there speechless. I have been to my fair share of concerts but that was, without a doubt, one of the best concerts I will ever go to! Blitzen Trapper and Bryan John Appleby opened for the band, only adding 2 more names to my favorite music list.

Bryan John Appleby

Blitzen Trapper

the amazing Head and the Heart

A little story behind this last image:

I wore my Hunger Games/Harry Potter shirt to the concert that I made. I had never had someone recognize/realize so it kind of caught me off guard when the lead singer John Appleby of BJA recognized it and loved it, I was in absolute shock! Not only did he love it but he gave me a free beer cozy (that little brown thing around the rootbeer bottle) and the whole band autographed it. I felt beyond awesome. 

The moment I got home I bought the Bryan John Appleby album, I have been listening to it non stop since Saturday!

In other news, today has been quite the long day. I spent more than half the morning still working on my art history test review and writing a couple papers for other classes. My day got better though, I love it when Nat takes time out of her day to come visit! Last time she came to visit it was Labor Day weekend, we spent the night goofing around and making crafts.

This was what I came up with:
My grandpa was sweet enough to help me out with sanding the picture frame while I made home-made chalkboard paint (thank you Pinterest). I wish I had a picture of Nat's craft, we didn't finish it but it looked really cool.

Today we worked on some homework together, Tina pinned her insects for biology, and listened to more music. We took a break from homework to work on a craft for Nat: 
We covered a canvas with the same chalkboard paint from last time, spray painted the wood gold and added a little quote--it says: "We live in a jar and think it is the sky"--I think it turned out great!

I love Sundays with family!

Now back to more homework... Let the week begin! 

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  1. but really though, one of the best concerts ever. okaaay, so bummed i lost you guys after the concert. band meet ups, signatures, hp hype (I LOVE HARRY POTTER)!