Friday, April 22, 2011

Greatest Surprise

Well, I was woken up by a text last night around 12:15 a.m. informing me of a dear friend being back
from his mission, minutes later I got a text from good ol' Elder Abner Rangel!
Ah I was so happy to see his name come up on my phone. I am used to talking to him through letters
and those only came about once a month. I remember being at his house
the Sunday he spoke and being with friends at his last FHE with his family,
it was a wonderful and spiritual experience.....

He's a ladies man... can you tell? Haha. I have missed this kid so much, I cannot wait to see him today!
I am excited to hear all about his adventures in Oregon and can't wait
to take in all his advice for becoming a good missionary.
Today will be a great day thanks to Abner Rangel :) woot woot!

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