Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh man, here goes... Brace yourself...

One very, very wise friend of mine suggested I start blogging.... Seemed like a crazy idea two years ago, still feels the same. However, I realized I am absolutely HORRIBLE at journal-keeping. I thought it would be easier to just write down major events, keep little reminders and put them all into a note book. That seemed to work, at first anyway. Time went on and I have come to realized how much time I spend on my computer: hours and hours and HOURS-- thank you school-- sooooo I have concluded that this is the easiest and most convenient way to keep up on my boring as it tends to be. So for all you readers out there (yes, you lonely 3...) Enjoy a glimpse into my life. Any bets on how long this will last? Hehe.

Here we go. I am going to try and summarize this whole school year without boring you to death, so hang in there. This might be a long one.

Yaaay!! For you non-believers, I have one thing to say to you: HA! Actually, I don't really blame you. I didn't think I would graduate high school either. After a very long long last semester I was able to pull through and get my diploma. Now the rreeeeaalllyy hard part: making it through college. The first semester was definitely different. Lots of changes and tons of homework. I started my school year with English, Math, Nutrition and Biology. What was the most important thing I learned? Night classes suck. Especially if it is something as exciting as nutrition. Never again. OH and to makes things worse, it was a once-a-week class... two hour night class. Awesome. Well, good news is I passed (surprisingly enough) and I don't have to worry about that ever again.

I made it through my first semester by the skin of my teeth, now prepared for my second semester. I like to think I was smarter to only take a couple classes. I was so overloaded the fist that I felt like I needed a break. I quickly regretted that decision. I have had way WAYYYY too much time on my hands. I was lucky to find a job that only requires me to go in for a couple weeks straight at a time, it allows me to stay busy and have free time every now and then. I guess I'm not a complete slacker.... I am almost done with my second semester here at UVU, my English and Psychology classes have been interesting to say the least. English has been a blast. We get tons of homework, mostly research papers, but I am happy with our final assignment. Psychology....well, that's another story. Let's just say that I am very happy to being so close to being done. One year down, how many more to go?!?! BAHHHH

Overall I have liked UVU quite a bit. I know how much crap I will get from all the die-hard BYU and other alumni but I have enjoyed it. I have met some really incredible people, there is a good diversity here, I like that. Let's not forget the fact that it actually let me in... That is definitely worthy of some points :)

P.S. Bob Marley makes me happy. Adds a spring in my step when walking through campus. Points to Mr. Marley.

-That is all.

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