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12 Aug 2013

Okay best surprise in the world! I got an email from Carla Sierra!! My heart just about exploded, I miss my Agu and David and Sofi, I am so happy I got pictures! 

Well this week has been very long! Sister Zamudio was sick this week so we had to go on splits one day and the next we couldn't find anyone to go around with me so I had to stay home all day... Talk about LONGEST day of my life! Seriously. Remind me not to ever get sick, It's the worst. Y'all already know how horrible I am with patience... I might explode if I get sick and have to stay home. 

So remember how we had to give talks and teach 2 lessons last week? well, Either they love us or they are running low on teachers because we had to give a talk Yesterday, not to mention we are speaking in 2 wards this coming Sunday! Please make sure to thank bishop Turley for me, he got me comfortable up at the podium so I'm doing pretty well at not being nervous anymore! Next Sunday we have to speak in the Malta 1st ward where we have taught R.S. last week and we also speak in the Albion ward during their ward conference with Stake president Harper! that'll be exciting/nerve-wracking... It'll be good though! We have been working a TON with our members in all 6 wards, this is the result of it. We are seeing them be a lot more open to having us in our homes, I cannot stress the importance of gaining member trust. As they realize that I really do care about them, each and every single one, they trust us with their less active friends. We have a couple FHE lessons coming up to teach less active families, the work is slow but it is growing! 

Like I mentioned, sister Z was sick so this week was really slow. One of the best moments this week was meeting with the Juarez family on Tuesday. Katie (idk if I told you about her. She's been coming out with us lately, she is leaving the 25 for a mission in California!) came with us and we had an amazing lesson. This family is SO ready for baptism. We have been nervous to talk to them about it because the last Elders kind of pushed it too far and they had said no. Bro. Juarez is reading the BOM every single day and still praying. He encourages the family to pray and read together too! He is so amazing. During the lesson we decided to deviate and talk about how the BOM can answer any question they might have about life, we had them write down some concerns they they have had lately and we used the BOM to answer a few of them! It was amazing to see how every little problem in life can be resolved with prayer, faith, and a little reading! Going with that theme... we extended a baptismal date! I don't know where it came from (well, i do-- the spirit was so strong and It finally yelled at me to spit it out!) but we did. I think they were really surprised that we asked them to commit to a date, but we promised them that as they keep reading and praying they will receive an answer. Bro Juarez said he had to talk about it with his family but that they would pray to know if that was the date for them. I have faith that they will receive an answer, whether its yes or no on that date I know they will take that step and be baptized. I know for a fact the two boys really want to be, I think we are waiting on Sister Juarez to feel ready.... Scary, but so exciting! 

This week we also did some service at the Goodrich home. They are the older couple who have been attending church for 13 years without being baptized! I think they are really sick of missionaries coming by just to harrass them about not being baptized, so I decided to take a softer approach, SERVICE! Since sister Goodrich is having a really hard time with her health she let us work in her yard. MORE WEEDING! haha. But it was good, she fed us lunch and we talked for a while longer, we ended up being there for a few hours... her yard is kinda HUGE.Bro. Goodrich is a hoot, he is a race car driver! haha he loves it. He spent like 45 minutes just talking about cars--which of course means I understood about none of that. It was really fun though, he's a really good guy. 

We have been blessed with so many wonderful people in this area, the members have been nothing but wonderful! 

Next Monday is transfers so I am not sure what will happen to me, whether I stay or go, but I will let you guys know! Sorry I don't have much to say about this week, we spent a lot of time studying and trying to find people to teach. 

I hope you all are doing well, I love hearing from you guys! 

Here are some pictures  from this week: 

Bro. Goodrich and his race car. 

Bro. and Sister Holtman. 

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