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18 Aug 2013

Well, we found out what is going to happen... are you guys ready???? I'M STAYING IN MALTA!!! I could not be happier, seriously. Mostly because I got cowgirl boots and I have to wear them at least once before I leave the area. Haha but thats a story for later! 

This week we had the Burley Cassia County fair, Oh my goodness that was SO fun! I will admit it made me miss home, you know going to the rodeos and summerfest but boy was it fun. We volunteered some time at the fair for Wednesday and Friday mornings. The funny thing is, we had like NOTHING the rest of the week because everyone was at the fair! The fair ran Monday-Saturday so it was a very very slow week. We really enjoyed our time there though, we worked at the Stake booth and made maple bars! I am a professional now so watch out, I will be making them when I get home! Of course, we didn't get to watch the rodeo but it was an awesome way to get to know more members and show them that we truly are part of their ward. 

This week we also got to go to the temple!!! Ah, I was going crazy for not being able to go... Not to mention more so after the news of the new video. Well, I absolutely loved it! Mom was so right, it explains things much better.We took one last district picture and headed back to our areas. That night I was talking to the Holtman's about how bad I wanted boots because the service out here means we wade through weeds and mud all the time! Long story cut very short, they had boots for me! Brand new ones!! Haha talk about a life dream come true, right!? Oh man, good times.

This week we visited a few hispanic families in Raft River. It has been so hard to get a hold of anyone because of the fair but we did set a couple appointments with some potential investigators. We had dinner at a member's house, at Iliana's! She was the one that taught us how to make the Enchiladas Suisas that one time. She moved here recently with her family from Oxnard, California and is still trying to get in touch with her new "country" life.  She came out here with her cute little dog that looks just like Lady, except she is white... the dog... haha. Well, bad news for the little dog, seems like a coyote got a hold of her! the whole family was SO sad. Especially Pita, the little 4 year old. I definitely cried, haha. We had  dinner and took off to find a part member family we had heard about. When we got there it turned out that they weren't all that interested...BUT they had 3 new puppies that they were trying to get rid of! Another long story cut short, we took one of the puppies to Iliana's! I definitely got a recording of their expressions, they fell in love with that puppy! They even named her Missy for "missioneras"! Ah man, I'll make sure to attach a picture. Now I know what Santa feels like every Christmas!! 

Transfers are always a little crazy, we had to be in Burley this morning at 6:15 to get everyone set up with the new schedule for the next couple days. We go into Twin today and stay at the mission home, the new missionaries come in on Tuesday and Wednesday we get our new companions and head to our areas. I will write on Wednesday and send a picture of my new companion! The areas are changing, there have been some added and some combined so everything is kind of up in the air right now. I am SO sad to lose my district leader and his companion, Elder Stoddard and Elder Mellor, they were like my best friends out here! Elder Stoddard is going to be a district Leader in Rupert and Elder Mellor is going to Bule.. where ever that is... 

I hope you all have had a good week, mom and Tina I hear that you guys are embarking on a wonderful adventure! Be safe and have lots of fun! I expect presents in the mail :) 

Love you ALL!!

Hermana Calero 

Oh and I forgot to mention that we spoke in Sacrament Meeting yesterday... I have never cried so much in one talk. I had prayed for the talk to be one that would touch the hearts of the members, so that I could encourage them to "Magnify their callings" and to help out with missionary work. Sister Zamudio and I also had a musical number... I was definitely not up for that, I HATE singing in front of people, especially like that but I did it anyway. We sang "I am a child of God", she sang the first verse in English I sang the 2nd in spanish and then sang together for the rest. I was so worried that I would mess up, I was a nervous mess. But the moment that I could see a few sisters in the audience crying and was able to feel how strong the spirit was in that room all my fears left me. I was able to give my talk right after that, that talk was definitely designed for me. I realized how important my calling is as a missionary, how hard I need to work to Magnify Christ and His teachings. 

The Church is true!!

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