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30 October 2013

kay so this might be the most scattered email of my whole life, I forgot my planner so I definitely will not be able to recall everything that happened this week. Sorry! I'm basically going off of what pictures I have on my camera, that'll be interesting....
Last P-day we had lunch with Luz, the member that took us out to milk cows! She invited some of the old elders that had taught her and we had enchiladas. Again, I don't know how I will ever get used to all this spicy!! I was dying but the food was so good! Later in the afternoon we got to go fishing at Lake Cleveland! Oh my goodness, it was so beautiful! none of the missionaries caught anything but the family that came out with us caught like 2 or 3! They had a fire going and had hot-dogs and marshmallows for everyone.
We have a new investigator in the Raft River ward! We are so excited! Her name is Misty and she is not much older than I am and already has 3 kids. She is so nice though. She just moved in 2 months ago and was wondering why everyone met at the chapel on Sunday. Her grandfather was a pastor so she grew up pretty religious but was interested to hear what we believe. We have taught her a couple times, she liked what she heard but we are having some issues because her husband isn't all that interested and she wants us to meet with him too. Religion is important to her but not to him. We are praying that we might be able to meet with him soon!
 OH okay, cool story. So we went to visit Misty the other night and she has a giant dog outside that's not very nice--like at all-- but he's usually chained up. When we knocked on the door her little boy answered the door and left it wide open while he went  to go grab Misty... Well, the dog was inside, NOT tied up. I was on splits with one of the Young Women from the ward and her eyes just went wide. That dog came CHARGING. I mean as fast as it could towards us barking his head off. Before we had a chance to move or do anything, he just stopped. Like 2 feet in front of us and backed up... Misty came running down the hall and the moment she stepped outside and slammed the door the dog went crazy again trying to get out.... um... THE CHURCH IS TRUE. Even Misty was shocked that the dog didn't come chasing after us.
Since we had so many extra miles this month we were able to drive around and tract in some areas that we hadn't tracted before. We found a couple people that were somewhat interested that we set appointments with. Unfortunately, we made them all for Friday and it turns out that it was the Homecoming game in Declo. NO ONE, I mean NO one was home. It was bad.
We had a family come up to us back when I was companions with Sister Rex to tell us about a young man that worked for them that thought could be interested. Well we finally got to meet him over dinner! One more investigator! He is really close to this family and we are excited to work with him, he has been exposed to the church quite a bit because of them, he is like a son. That makes our job so much easier, I love when members take their own initiative to help those around them. Another funny thing about this family is that their daughter is on a mission! Not just that, but she is companions to Sister Dixon--Nat's roommate at Snow and the U! This world is TINY!! I have emailed Sister Dixon and she likes her quite a bit, and I hear that Sister Deeters loves Sister Dixon too. So funny!
Saturday was a ton of fun. We got to go to the Ski resort thing in Albion and help cut & stack wood for the winter! there was a whole inch of snow up in the mountains! The member that owns it is really sick and he is unable to run it as well as he was planning. His son is really overwhelmed with all the wood splitting and stacking they had to do so we killed two birds with one stone! Quite a bit of families showed up to help, we got to meet people from the ward as well as some non-members. We had to be there at 8:30 am and did not finish until well past 3. The owner of the place provided lunch for us as well as ski lift rides! We were exhausted by the end of the day, we made it home in time to watch the Relief Society conference!
Yesterday was quite the day full of adventures. We were supposed to have Carmen at church but when we went to go pick her up she said she had a call from Mexico and that she would drive herself to the church... mmhmm.. she didn't. So we were super bummed out. The only thing that made up for it was the fact that it was the primary program! We were so intrigued and loving the little kids that we lost track of time... we had a lesson to teach in YW's in Malta, 15 minutes away and we were already 30 minutes late! Oh boy, it was so embarrassing. By the time we got there everyone was so relieved! We had no idea why, we thought they were going to be mad! They said that they knew the only reason we would be this late would be because something bad had happened. We had half the town on stand by looking for us! Needless to say, we are so incredibly blessed with the people in the area we serve.
You guys know how good my memory is, I'm trying to think of anything else that happened this week...
I did want to share one last thing. Watching the kids in 3 wards do their primary program really touched my heart. The theme was "I know I am a child of God because...". I just want to add my testimony to the ones they shared, I also KNOW that I am a child of God. I know that everone we come in contact with every day is also loved by Heavenly Father. Their sins have been suffered for by our Redeemer and Savior Jesus Christ. Everyone matters. Regardless of financial status or academic grades, each person is precious in Heavenly Father's eyes. I love that I have the opportunity to spend 18 months seeing people how our Father does, that is my motivating factor--to find as many people as I can and bring them to the fold. for them to KNOW like I know that there is more, that there is hope.
I love this gospel! I love that I get to bare my testimony 24/7! I hope that you find opportunities to see others through Heaven's eyes and to share the testimony that is in each of you.
I love you all! Hope you have a wonderful week!
Hermana Calero

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