Monday, April 27, 2015

21 day miracle

Happy Labor Day! mom, I hope you got a day off today :) and Tina, enjoy not going to school!! We got lucky the people in our ward love us enough to let us use the computers at the church, everyone else in the mission has to wait to do emails tomorrow!
This week has been amazing, in more ways than one....
We have a few new investigators that I KNOW have come from the 21 day member-missionary promise. One of those just barely moved into the area and is basically ready for baptism. We are so excited to work with him, I have so much love for him and his member wife already.
We have been working hard with all the members in the ward, getting them to the point where they all are missionary minded. since a lot of the work in this area is for Less Actives, they don't need us, they just need to know how to approach and what to do to get these members back to church. The members are so willing to help out and giving them the 21 day challenge has helped them develop a desire to learn how to be missionaries within the ward.
We lost an investigator on Wednesday, she called and told us that she didn't/couldn't meet with us anymore, like was getting too crazy and her faith was lacking... That was a heart breaker because we know that she has felt the spirit, we KNOW that she knows what she needs to do in order to strengthen her faith. It was hard but we are keeping her in our prayers.
A family in the ward have adopted a foster child and she is the CUTEST thing on this planet. she is turning 8 and wanted us to teach her the lessons so that she can be baptized. When we taught her this week she had so many good questions and she is just so fun to teach, she loves cookies so she made sure that her mom made some for us to take home.
Now the miracles:
Carmen also set a baptismal date! September 28th, 3 days before the next transfer...
and she didn't show up to church like she was supposed to... but that's okay. We are working on ways to motivate her to get going. Her kids really want to go.  
Next, The Juarez family have been coming to church for a month and a half now!! They are SO ready to be baptized... We hope to set a date this them this week as well. Bro. Juarez's mom is going into surgery Wednesday so we taught them about priesthood blessings and asked if they would like to have her receive one before the surgery, they said yes so tomorrow we have a couple members from the ward going over. I know that will help them so much, to see the comfort that it will bring his mom. We have exchanges tomorrow so I will be gone to help train another missionary, Sadly I will miss the blessing but I KNOW that sister Martinez will do just fine. She will be with a new missionary tomorrow, I was so bummed to leave because the day is absolutely FILLED with appointment. But I know that will help Hna. Martinez step it up a little more, she's nervous but I know she can do it.
Sunday we saw a beautiful miracle. Kyle has been a member since birth but became inactive when he was 15... the missionaries before us and his family have worked so hard with him to get him reactivated. Yesterday he was able to be ordained an Elder, there was not a dry eye in sacrament meeting when he bore his testimony. It's amazing how much the church can change an individual, I have no doubt that no matter where you have been or what you have done the atonement allows for forgiveness and to get rid of feelings of guilt and shame.
I have been working harder and harder each day to access the atonement, to really use it to my advantage, even in the smallest of things. I cannot teach it's importance without first experiencing true repentance myself, because of this I am growing each and every day closer and closer to my Heavenly Father.
Saturday was SO fun. I don't know if I mentioned but we are teaching English classes. We had a few members from the ward show up to take the class as well as 3 potential investigators! We had a blast teaching, it really is like teaching little kids but they are so eager to learn. There is something about being able to teach in the church, although we were loud and having fun, we began and ended with a prayer, this automatically brought the spirit and allowed for them to learn. We will be teaching every Saturday night, I know that as the non members see us in a different atmosphere they will be more willing to accept us into their homes and we will take the role of teachers, not just missionaries looking to baptize.
I am really excited for what this week has to offer. I hope we are able to make progress with our investigators and strengthen the members.
I love you guys, I hope all is going well. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers, I can definitely feel it. D&C 121:7-8
Hermana Calero
P.s. I made pericos for my companion and I the other day... they were SOOOO good. Not to mention we made rice on Tuesday, with carne asada and a salad. We are trying to eat a little bit healthier... all this desert that members give us is really getting to us... haha.

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