Monday, April 27, 2015

"There are bumps in the Road but nothing frustrates the work" 15 July 2013

That little phrase I heard about 16 times a day with Sis. Rex, and boy do I see how true it is now....

Training has been.... an adventure. Seriously. My companion and I have had more downs than ups but We are striving to work hard and be worthy of seeing blessings. The work out here is very different than anywhere else. Since houses are so far apart we cannot afford to spend our miles driving hoping that the next house is a potential investigator, 87% of people out here are active members... Remember how frustrated I was the first couple weeks out here because it felt like we didn't have much to do? Well my poor companion feels that way too, except times a million I feel like. She is having a really hard time with how we do work out here. Another issue has been the language barrier. She spent 12 days at the MTC in the advanced program but she doesn't know how to speak it, at all. She understands almost everything because her parents spoke spanish but she has a hard time speaking it. I can see how frustrated she is and  that doesn't help either. Basically this week has been full of tears and arguments, haha. But we have seen some really incredible moments that have helped us move forward. 

Since transfers took up the first 3 days of the week and I got to write Wednesday not much has happened, so this email will be short. Since I mentioned that a lot of people out here are members, I should also mention that a lot of them are inactive. Part of our work out here is to help reactivate these members. It has been a ton of fun to talk to people and share messages with them as well as extend invitations to come to church. We have spent a lot of time in homes of Widows and elderly people, their spirit and their stories help us get through the day. 

Yesterday we got to go to the ward up in Raft River again, that was super fun! I love going to the half English half Spanish ward. I had to translate during Sacrament meeting, that was quite the adventure. I don't think I remember a single thing that was said, I was way too focused on trying to take in what was being said and spitting it out in spanish. It was a lot of fun though. After, we had dinner with the Montoya family. I don't know if I have said much about them, but they are the sweetest. Jireh was over there for dinner too so we took the opportunity to ask her what is going on. We haven't been able to catch her the past couple times, after we set a date for baptism. She is 13 years old and we were so excited for her. She said that she wanted to wait until she was 17 or 18 to be baptized, which is obviously code word word for mom and dad wont let her be baptized. We are hoping to keep working with her and seeing if something comes of it. 

The other highlight of this week was teaching the Gomez family. We taught them Thursday as well as yesterday and both were really good lessons. They have been praying everyday as well as reading the assignments we leave them, they are progressing!! I hope we can make it possible for them to come to church soon. They have lots of friends in the ward so I'm sure that won't be too impossible. 

I hope ya'll have had a great week, despite my complaining I have seen blessings this week. Talk to you guys soon, I love you! 

Hna. Calero 

 The pictures attached are of the Webb Dairy, my new companion and the Montoya Family. 

The Webb farm is HUGE. here are some facts that I learned while we got to tour around: 

1 cow = 16 gallons of milk/day
Webb Dairy has about 6 calves born PER DAY
It is 5,000 Acres and 3 giant tankers come out full of milk per day. 
Their water bill is HUGE. I'm talking $100,000  MONTH. It is $200 dollars per acre.

There are a million Webbs around here and they all play a role in the dairy, they employ 90% of all hispanics around here. They make sure to rotate every single one so that they have at least 2 sundays off a month. They encourage them to listen to the missionaries. They make sure the couples are married, that is the only way they can live together. We have received a lot of help from the Webb clan, we are really thankful. 

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