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29 Aug 2013

This week has been quite the week. I feel like I haven't had enough sleep but I have been going to bed at the same time! haha. We have kind of had a really slow week lesson wise. We haven't had a lot of success finding people home and It's about to get worse... August-October are really crucial for the people out here, it is when they are working the hardest with their crops. Corn, potatoes, sugar beets, wheat, barley, and hay are all super important to have out here.. We will be lucky if we can catch anyone! 

Wednesday we had a New Missionary Training meeting in Twin Falls. It was so funny to have skipped right over that because I'm a trainer. I got to go into another meeting to see how we can build our skills as trainers and prepare these new missionaries to be ready to train themselves. Everyone was teasing me for barely being able to know how to be a missionary and now I'm training! It was kinda funny. It was good to see what the new missionaries thought of all the trainer though, apparently my trainee isn't wanting to go home quite yet so I assume I'm doing okay, haha. We also had exchanges this week and the Sister Training Leader from our zone got to come spend a day with me while my companion got to go to her area--on bikes! Sister Lee is from Korea, she is a hoot! We had a lot of appointments in spanish on Wednesday so she asked me to write her up a few things for her to say. I have got to admit, a Korean speaking spanish is PRICELESS. We laughed for hours about her trying to speak and bare her testimony, but when all was said and done, THAT was what brought the spirit the most into our lessons. 

Sister Lee accompanied me to the Gomez's and boy did I need her. Sister Lee is an inspirational missionary, she has just under 2 weeks left on her mission. I needed her knowledge and strength to kind of confront the Gomez family as to what was holding them back from baptism. We found out that the kids agree that the teachings are true but that they do not yet have a testimony for themselves. They have enjoyed hearing from the missionaries and have seen that a lot of our teachings match up with their beliefs, they just don't see why they need to change if they are such a good family already. Mama Gomez is still having issues, she believes that it is wrong for her to try to investigate another church--she is so devoted to her catholic background she feels like she is betraying her church. It was really hard to hear that they are not wanting to make that change and be baptized. We realized that all we could do was bare our testimonies. I have so much love for this family that I, of course, cried like a child as I told them how much more I wanted them to have--that this gospel allows for families to be together forever. Sister Lee, in her broken spanish, also bore her testimony, the spirit in that room was overwhelming. We left without knowing what to think or what to feel. It was hard to just walk away with not knowing what could come of it.. We hope that we can continue to teach this wonderful family and that one day I will see them dressed in white. 

This week we have spent a lot of time with the widows in the wards as well as less active members. We are meeting regularly with the Harper family and we see them improving and coming to church more steadily. It's always good to see the fruits of our labors, especially when sometimes the days seem endless! We are grateful for the spirit that has come from being EXACTLY obedient. We know that the blessing we have received are because of our willingness to obey even the smallest rules. 

Because of this obedience we have seen a few more investigators emerge. Bro. Olson from the Raft River ward called us to tell us he had set up a dinner for us to teach one of his workers. We had heard about Norma before but we have never been able to catch her, we were so excited to hear that we would have the opportunity to meet her. As we ate dinner Sister Zamudio and I felt impressed to teach the Restoration. As I quoted the first vision Norma's eyes filled with tears and I had to hold back my own. The spirit testified to her that what we were saying was true. I could see it. She urged us to meet with her again, and soon. We extended a commitment to be baptized and she accepted! We are looking forward to teaching her and her son this week, she is ready for her life to change and she knows it is through our teachings that she can achieve it! 

In other news, we got to speak in Almo yesterday! that was quite the adventure! I was really proud of how well sister Zamudio did and everyone seemed to lover her. I'm glad that we had that opportunity, we hadn't been out there yet so no one really knew us but through speaking we were able to show our personalities and our testimonies. We ate dinner with the Ward family and they took us around to meet a couple other ward members. They even showed us around their farm! One of their horses just gave birth and that little colt was ADORABLE! Oh the things you see in Idaho... 

Anyway, I'm running out of time. The scripture that touched me the most this week was Alma 22:15-18. I have a firm testimony that as we decide to give it ALL up to the Lord, we will be blessed. We need to make this drastic change just like King Lamoni did, we must become humble. As we do so I promise blessings will rain down from heaven. 

I love you guys and hope all is well with you this week. I love reading your emails and letters! Keep them coming! 

Hermana Calero 

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