Monday, April 27, 2015

22 Aug 2013

Transfers tend to be the longest 3 days of my life and I don't know why... Okay, yes I do. I'm not in my area so we can't go out to try and teach, not to mention we have the same training every time when you train... But i did manage to learn new things so it wasn't too bad. 

I was SO nervous about training again, I didn't want it to be like last transfer. I prayed every day for the strength to be able to work well with my companion, whether we got along or not. Monday when we arrived we got to do an hour of emails and then headed home to the mission home. We had dinner with Pres. and Sister Curtis and had a training meeting that night. Tuesday we met up with the new missionaries at the mission office, we were placed in temporary companionships and were set loose on the town to knock doors. It was so fun to see how awesome the new sisters are, they are young but they are so dedicated and so ready. I was with sister Santillan, from Mexico, she was so quiet but the moment a door opened she let loose and we got like 5 referrals as well as taught 2 restoration lessons! she was on fire! So cute. After that the missionaries needed to be trained in other things so we were set free for the evening. Sister Rex, Sis. Maese, Sister Eppel (the one from South africa who is HILARIOUS) and Sister Zamudio and I went to Jerome to tract. It was a lot of fun because it was Sister Rex's area and it was SO much different than Malta. I'm talking it's like a little LA, there are SO many hispanics! We went on splits and Sister Maese and I got to teach a Peruvian lady, we walked like 4 or 5 miles... that's the most walking i've done since  i've been out here. I was beat!! 

Anyway, Wednesday we got our assignments and came home. My new companion's name is Sister Martinez! She is from Greenville, South Carolina! She is so cute and so excited to be out here, she is as amazed as I was with how much land we cover and how little people there are. She thought I was kidding when I told her there were 197 people in the town we live in... NOPE I wasn't! haha. 

I'm including pictures of my new companion, sister rex, maese, zamudio... and my broken watch..... Someone let dad know gently!! A truck came by while we were walking and launched a rock and it hit my watch and cracked the screen.... oooopss... I'll write more on monday!! Love you guys!!!

Hermana Calero

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