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26 Aug 2013

Since I wrote on Thrusday I'm not quite sure what to tell you guys, haha! It has been really fun getting to know my new companion, and boy what a change! I think I had a hard time last transfer in preparation to know how blessed I am with sister Martinez! I don't know if I mentioned this but she was born in New York but her parents are COLOMBIAN! You have no idea how jealous I am of her Spanish accent, it's sooooo cool! Her English is perfect too so I'm not quite sure how that works :) Nos pasamos hablando de novelas y comida colombiana! El otro dia estabamos hablando acerca de buNuelos y arepas, Y compramos carne para hacer con arroz! It's crazy how much we miss food from home!
Friday we taught a new investigator family, the Vega's. I had not taught them before so I made sure that this was our first appointment, that way we could both be on the same page. We planned well and walked in prepared to teach Lesson 1, I think preparation before teaching is SO important. It allows for us to be worthy of having the HG so that lessons can be guided by it. sister Martinez did amazing for it being her first lesson out on the field, she knows all the content--she just speeds by it SOOOO fast! haha. there were moments that I had to go back and explain some stuff in further detail but other than that she did great! We gave them a BOM and committed them to read and pray about it. The spirit was felt really strong as Bro. Vega offered the last prayer!
We had dinner with the RS president that night and had a chance to share a message. We were truly guided by the spirit as we talked about the importance of not running faster than we need to. Sister Matthews lead the discussion it was awesome to see Bro. Matthews interact as well. We didn't find out until yesterday but Bro. Matthews is Less Active. He hasn't been to church in quite a few years.. It was nothing short of a miracle to have him so involved in our message... the fact that he was even in the room was incredible!
Saturday we spend the morning doing service. Sister Sundberg needed some help with her lawn.... aka her FIELD! haha. We weeded and raked until lunch and she took us to the one and only Cattle Country for lunch! After, we decided to visit Jill......
We came in with the plan to talk about the importance of church and partaking of the sacrament. She broke down and said that not a week goes by that either someone in the ward or her kids asks her why she doesn't partake of the Sacrament. It was such a relief to see that she truly realized the importance of it... the spirit touched my heart and we again talked about her setting a baptismal date. She wants to be baptized, SO BAD, she sees the need for it and she hates that her parents are so important to her that she NEEDS to have them there.... There truly is no way to get them out here any sooner than next summer, but she mentioned she will be going to visit them in December... We have Set a baptismal date for December!! This baptism will be done in Florida, one way or another, but it will be done! We are in the process of figuring out how. We have talked to President and he will be contacting a ward near her parent's house.. It's so exciting and we are praying that nothing happens between now and then but I know for a fact that she is ready! and she will be able to be baptized surrounded by the people she loves most, her family.
Another little miracle, we are starting classes to teach English with the Daily Dose program. It's so funny because at home I always heard of the program and I thought it was TOTALLY cheesy but I can see how much people need it out here, not to mention it is the PERFECT way to get investigators and LA to come to the church without pressure. The spirit that is felt in the building alone will help individuals learn and be more willing to accept us into their home. They will get to know us as "teachers" instead of "baptizers". We are starting this Saturday so wish us luck! 
Sunday was a special day--it always is. We had hoped to have the Juarez family baptized Saturday and have them Confirmed yesterday but things didn't quite work out. Bro. Webb (our Ward Misison Leader for Raft River) has a son that served in the Oaxaca, Mexico and his homecoming yesterday! It made me think about going home in 16 almost 15 months and I freaked out, haha! His English was HORRIBLE! haha he spoke it with a Mexican accent, it was so funny! But he shared some wonderful experiences about his mission, you can truly see a change in him. Oh! FUNNIEST THING EVER: you know you're in Malta when... someone kills a fly with a fly swatter in the middle of someone's talk!! Oh good heavens, I was dying laughing! It was so comico! Katie (the one that came out to teach with us) was speaking as well, it was her farewell! Man, she is going to be a wonderful missionary, she looked so comfortable on that podium, and boy is she funny! Her talk was on things that she had learned at home--it definitely made me tear up. She is going to kill it in California!!
After church we had dinner with some of the Spanish members from the ward (aka: Gabachos. haha). THAT was officially the best dinner I have ever had. Mom, I am sorry but I am learning to love tortillas! they make their own tortillas, I have never tasted anything so good in my life! We had carne asada con tortillas, arroz, frijoles y ensalada. They made this DELICIOUS green salsa but I totally almost died. No one warned me it was THAT hot! This always happens to me, I swear. They were all laughing at me. oh and we also had Nopales, which is grilled cactus... Yeah that stuff is NOT my favorite, its so slimy... But they top them with queso fresco and it's not too bad but I think I would rather eat just the cheese. Three families got together for the dinner, which is absolutely normal out here, and we had so much fun. I love being with the Hispanics out here because they are just like the ones at home! they make good food and they know how to talk very loud! We played a scripture chase game with them and that got violent! haha. But it was a lot of fun! I always show pictures at dinner, because I love bragging about my family :) but I printed the one out that Tia sent me with her and mom eating Bunuelos, yeah now they are begging me to make Colombian food for them! So I'm sorry mom but you are going to have to send me some Arinapan para hacer arepas y dile al abelo que TIENE que mandar o la receta o una probadita de bunuelos! I Told them I would make arepas y one of these days I would have to make empanadas, so mom I need the meat recipe for that too!! We are planning on having a party with all the Hispanics in the area, each to bring their own native food so we can meet more potential investigators! if you can find a box of pan de bono please sent that too :)
Okay, enough of the craziness... this week I had some pretty intense personal scripture study time.. Like I felt like I was taking a drink from a firehydrant. We have always heard the council to read the scriptures with a question in mind and that we would receive answers... well I never really believed that, until now. I decided to give this council a try, I set out a piece of paper and wrote a question on top. Then, simply continuing where I had read the night before I read with that question in mind, the pages seem to explode with answers--it was quite the spiritual experience. I was reading in Jacob 7 with the question: "how does Heavenly Father help us in times of Trials?". A few verses really stood out, in v5 we learn that its our faith that holds us through. Jacob recalls ALL that he's seen and hear. it acts as a fuffer to the enticings of those that try to tear him down. In verses 8-11 we learn that as we study the scriptures we learn of Christ, His ministry, His miracles... All these add to our testimony of Him which help us stay strong. V19 teaches that often times the moments we deny Christ is when we are in the midst of trials, we get to the point where we really have done wrong and want to change, but it could be too late by then...
those are just a few small things that I picked out to share with you. I can testify that the scriptures can and WILL answer our questions, no matter how silly they may be. Last week I asked the question of how can I build companionship unity... I can promise you that I received my answers! Scriptures are a blessing, they are here to guide us through every part of life. I love the scriptures and I encourage you to pull out a piece of paper, ask a question and watch the scriptures come alive to answer those concerns. Always start and end studies with a prayer.
I hope everyone is doing well, I pray for you every night!!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Calero

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