Wednesday, May 20, 2015

1 September 2014

WOOOOHOOO Staying in Kimberly!! We got transfer calls last night, we are both staying! 

what a week. I'm going to try and be quick.. I don't have much time left. 

REYEST WAS BAPTIZED!! wooohoooo! I'll include a picture. oh man, how exciting. He was so ready for the gospel, I couldn't believe it. Sammy Huerta (son of the 2nd counselor of the branch) was also baptized, it was so cool to see two completely different perspectives. It was a really emotional baptism for me, the spirit was so strong. 

we have another possible baptism on the 20th, we are really excited! Things are just working out. 

This week i learned a lot about teaching the way the Savior would. We contacted a family this week and there was absolutely NO interest. I mean, that's common on the mission but these people could really care less. As I bore my testimony and felt the spirit come in the room, the mother of the family made a comment that totally broke it all down. I wasn't mad, I wasn't frustrated, I wasn't even sad. The worst part was, I felt like I had done what I was called to do. I testified, I brought in the spirit, and it was up to them whether they chose to accept it or not... As I studied the next day I found myself really thinking about what happened. I read in 3 ne 17 and broke it apart. I wanted to know how and why the Savior was so successful in teaching in the Americas. I quickly found out that I was very wrong with how I felt.. Compassion, patience, and faith were the center of his teachings--I really need to step it up. 

Sorry this is so short...I have like no time... but here are some pictures. been a crazy week! 


hermana Calero

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