Wednesday, May 20, 2015

24 February 2014

Sorry, I have no time to email at all. I have a doctor's appointment at 1:30 today in Twin so we have  to leave soon and the library didn't open until 11. I had to email president too so that took some time.
This week went really well, I have learned so much. I will try to get a letter out to you guys soon because I really learned a lot.
We had to teach relief society yesterday and it went really well, I'm sending a copy of the talk home it was an amazing lesson!
We've had a TON of fun this week trying to find new investigators, trying new things and just having a positive outlook on things. It's amazing how much things change when our attitudes change. We haven't been able to keep our goals for new investigators BUT we have met a lot of good people along the way.
One thing that I did learn this week.... There are two forces--good and evil. but there is one force that assists us in finding excuses not to attend the temple, and one that encourages us to do so. What force have we been listening to lately? I thought that was super interesting. Satan is always finding ways to "help us out" when it comes to doing wrong, however, making CORRECT choices is something we have to choose for ourselves. super cool! So I encourage you to find ways to attend the temple, the blessings that will come from it are INNUMERABLE.
I wish I had more time to talk and tell you all the cool things that I have learned this week. Just know I love you and I will keep you updated about the doctor!
Also... we are going to TARGET today after the appointment. the excitement level is THROUGH THE ROOF. I haven't been to Target in 8 months... I have been SO DEPRIVED. #in-the-states-missionaryprobs
Hermana Calero
p.s. thanks mom for the pictures of the Placa. LOOKS GOOD! and kiddo.. you HAVE TO STOP GROWING. Seriously. You look great! Love you!

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