Wednesday, May 20, 2015

6 October 2014

oh man, we're in OCTOBER... I still remember last years Halloween! oh time... 

this week was PACKEDDDDD, Zone Meeting, Temple trip, and General Conference! all three were absolutely powerful. I don't have much time so I'm just going to get to the good stuff. 

Monday we had a super powerful lesson with an investigator family... We asked two brothers from the branch to come and bless their home and the individual members... they've had lots of "sketchy" things happening in their house.. lets just say I am soooo thankful for the power of the Priesthood! 

Something funny for this week. Some investigators that I talked about last week (the ones that were taught in Utah) well, we stopped by to see them this week... yeah... lets just say that the previous missionaries had pushed them too much into baptism.. From the moment we walked in the house the spirit of contention filled the room. The bro. kept telling us that he was already baptized by god and he couldn't be baptized in another church because he was not going to replace God with God... um... okay... we hadn't even said A WORD about baptism. it was interesting. Then he proceed to tell us that Christ was a sinner because He was born on earth and we are all born in sin.. WHAT??? It was interesting. OH and he kept saying "JOE Smith", I was offended..  So we bore our testimony and talked about our purpose and blah blah blah... no progress. so we decided to go. on our way out my companion is backing up after shaking his hand when BOOOOOM! SHE KNOCKS OVER A GIANT VIRGIN MARY STATUE WITH HER BAG.... hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahaha. Oh man, PRICELESS. the look on their faces. my companion picks it up and was like " I didn't do it on purpose, I swear!" ahahahahhahahahaha oh man. I was dying. so we booked it out. Will we go back? sure, but maybe after a couple weeks...  DYING. 

Being able to go to the temple is always such a blessing, I receive so much revelation that I wish I had the memory to write it all down... amazing. 

Speaking of amazing, Conference was incredible!! I couldn't believe that we got to hear talks in different languages!! Such a historic moment, so cool. I was super excited to hear from E. Gavarret cause he came and spoke in Stake Conference not long ago. His talk was POWERFUL. I wish I could pick a favorite one... I can't wait until the Liahona comes out. 

Lets see, what else. Oh we had some opportunities to do service. I love that conference talked about our personal ministy and how it should reflect the life of Christ. We had a chance to minister to those that are poor in spirit and the sick and afflicted. it was amazing. It's so cool to see how strong the spirit can be with us when we are worthy--and we need to be because we never know when we might walk into a home and the message we bring can be their saving grace. 

Overall, a really awesome week. I'm so grateful for these experiences. My journal is absolutely PACKED with entries for this week.. I've really seen Heavenly Father's hand in my life this week.

I love you all, have a wonderful week! 

Hermana Calero

us, E. Housewright, E. Eborall, E. Westfall, E.  

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