Wednesday, May 20, 2015

28 May 2014

.. is a good holiday! but having to wait to do emails until today was kind of a bummer.
Sooooo... no me acuerdo que paso esta semana... I'm having a really hard time trying to think what's happened! I still have to email president so I'll make it quick
Araceli's husband and the Guzman Family came for an FHE on Monday  (both PM families)! it was awesome! we did a walk-through version of the tree of life (mom I don't know if you remember but didn't we do something cool like that in Colombia?? yeah--I remembered so we did a mini version over here! It was so cool!!!!)
Had MLC this week (yesterday actually)--learned all about working with members, super excited to put it to work. our little branch is doing so well and this is only going to make it better. President's wife shared the story of the man pushing the boulder--which I shared with you guys like forever ago--but she connected it to how we just need to be diligent. Life is so hard already and it only gets harder when we get discouraged when we don't see any change or improvement. we need to have faith that we will come out stronger than we ever thought we would.
Learned some really awesome things during personal study this week that goes along those lines.. alma 62:41 says "... muchos se habian vuelto insensibles por motivo de la extremadamente larga duracion de la Guerra; y muchos se ablandaron a cause de sus aflicciones, al grado de que se humillaron delante de Dios con la mas profunda humildad". Interesting how when we are in the midst of our own wars the same thing happens--either we harden our hearts and turn from God or we become humble and seek Him to strengthen us during that time. This week has been full of a lot of opportunities to become humble, to plead with the Lord for a change in me. I love my savior, and I love the comfort found in the scriptures.
in other news... this week was crazy.... I made Arepas, pericos, y aguapanela for breakfast for my companion and I this week! It was seriously the best breakfast I have had my whole mission. My companion tried flushing a clogged toilet and it overflowed so we spent the next 1.5 hours doing service to clean it up... we ate pig head tacos... yeah this week was just interesting.. wish I had more time!
I love you all.
Hermana Calero
P.s.I'm done with physical therapy--yay! I'm feeling a lot better but they suggested I go to a chiropractor too--so I did. I have my second appointment this week--the guy is a NUT but he is super good. So thankful.
Our dinner

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