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27 January 2014

Wow, this week was a little hectic. I don't even know where to begin. A lot of really hard things as well as a lot of spiritual things happened, funny how things work like that....
This week we had exchanges with the sisters in Malta. I was able to spend the day here in Rupert with Hna. Martinez! Oh it felt like the good old days, we laughed way too much but we saw some really awesome people. Remember our investigator Daisy? well, after a month we were finally able to meet with her and have an awesome lesson. Her daughter was really sick the past couple weeks so we talked about prayers, miracles, and introduced the priesthood. We had quite the moment when I pointed out her little decal on her wall that said "families are forever". I asked her where she got it from and if she knew that it was kind of what our church was known for... she started crying, it's what she's been looking for... AWESOME!
The rest of the week was really slow. We had goals to find 4 new investigators and did EVERYTHING within our power to find them. We contacted all our referrals (no one opened) we went contacting/tracting for hours (either no one opened or they didn't want us)... it was really hard. We started to question ourselves, wanting to know if we were doing something wrong... No matter what we did we couldn't get anyone to open.
Later in the week we found out why. In the middle of a hard day we get a call from some sisters that we are over. One of the sisters was crying and the only thing she got out was "I want to go home". After Hna. Rex talked to her for a about an hour we found out that one of their investigators had given them a DVD about missionaries that she wanted them to watch.. well, it ended up being some anti-Mormon stuff and it really got to this poor missionary. The next day we drove an hour and a half  to get to their place and spent a few hours talking and trying to come down to a solution. I wish I had the time/words to explain how much my testimony grew in those two days.... I have a testimony that this is GOD'S WORK. That no matter how hard Satan tries to fight against it, even if he targets the BEST MISSIONARIES out there, nothing will stop the work. We are called as representatives of Jesus Christ. We have the power to overcome evil. We have the right to call down blessings from heaven. A piece of plastic--man's creation-- will not halt this work. The church is true and nothing will stop it.
This testimony carried us through the rest of the week. Although our numbers do not reflect our efforts, I know that discouragement is Satan's tool as well. We held our heads high and found that everything works on the LORD'S TIME, not ours, not our investigators. Something that one of the sisters said really hit me, she said "I have a really solid testimony of certain things, but about the rest I simply have faith". We may never understand some things, in all reality--we DON'T HAVE TO. We are here to show our faith and our willingness to obey, not to discover answers to all of God's mysteries. I love this work. Although I don't understand it sometimes, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
I saw proof that everything works in His time when the Malta sisters had a baptism this weekend. Zack was baptized on Saturday. I cannot express how excited I was for him! He was ready for this, the Deter family is incredible and prepared him so well. It's amazing to see the miracles that happen when sharing the gospel turns from an obligation to a pure love for others. I am so grateful to have had the privilege to work with Zack and the Deters, CONGRATS!
Well, we will see what this week brings. I'm starting yet another week anxious to work and to put my faith to the test. I seriously could not be happier, even though the work is hard the miracles I see every day make it worth it!
Hna. Calero
1. THE COOLEST DOG EVER! I named him Frankie.. Thanks for the scarf mom!
2. Pictures from Zack's Baptism 

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