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24 March 2014

NEW AREA, NEW ZONE... Oh heavens.. the changes. This transfer was by far the hardest one for me. But I have a feeling it's going to be one of the best too.
The transfer meeting was amazing, we had the last testimonies of 3 misisonaries headed home. The most spiritual meeting of my life. It was really weird to see these missionaries be done--I have served very close to all of them over the past 9 months and it's surreal to see them go. Hermana Rex also got to bare her testimony, she goes home in July so just a few transfers away--that made me cry like a child. Sheesh, the friends you make on the mission. So crazy.
This new area is LEGIT. And my companion has 2x the legit factor! Shes 110% Mexican. From Jalisco but raised in Southern Texas. I'm learning such Mexican Spanish from her, haha it's been so fun. She's been learning a lot of Colombian words too but it sounds so funny with a Mexican accent! I just love her. I am so grateful to be a Sister Training Leader with her, we're going to tear it up here in Burley! It was kind of a hard adjustment from farm-lands to the city.. I was a little anxious with all the traffic (how embarrassing!!) but it was good. There are some really amazing people here. So amazing in fact that I stepped right into a Baptism on Saturday! woot woot. haha. Felt so weird cause I didn't meet her until Friday so it was kind of funny but the baptism went really well. She has a son on a mission so the excitement was HUGE. So many people came to support--she's been seeing missionaries for 8 years and finally Hermana Maese and her companion got her to commit!
We were incharge of an FHE on Friday... THE MOST LEGIT FHE OF MY LIFE. We decided to do a walk-through Plan of Salvation at the church and it turned out way awesome! we had 4 investigators there and they loved it.
I also found out something cool.. chickens don't need a rooster to lay eggs! and they lay eggs EVERY DAY. WHo knew?!?! haha. oh heavens.
One of the coolest experiences that we had this week was finding some new investigators. We had heard that there was a family that had lost their mother to a blood disease not too long ago so we decided to contact them. Long story very short.... The mom died and left a 12 year old boy, his 20 year old brother and a 18 year old sister. Because it was blood borne they had to throw everything out. I mean everything. As we talked to them about the plan of salvation and how their family could be reunited the spirit bore witness to them that our message was true. It was such a neat experience. Within a couple days the branch members chipped in and bought beds for them. We had the opportunity to be there when they dropped off the bedding. It was so cool.
I wish I had more time to write everything else that happened... This area is amazing and I'm excited to be here. I hope to continue to grow and to learn, especially from my new companion. I love her and look forward to serving this transfer (and hopefully one more) together.
I love you all and I encourage you  to focus on the power of prayer this week. I have seen so many miracles this week simply because I have been praying to recognize them. I promise that if you do so you will see miracles in your lives too.
Hermana Calero

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