Wednesday, May 20, 2015

11 August 2014

Pday comes around way too quick! Also... there are like a million people in this library right now, they are talking SO LOUD.. I can't think... 

It rained A TON this week.. a member suggested we start building an Ark and I laughed for like an hour. It was hilarious!

so the Muños family... MIRACLE. Last week we had a really hard time getting into the lesson so we decided to do something a lot simpler. We brought crayons and scratch sheet of papers and told the kids that they had to listen to a story and draw what they heard... EVERYONE was there to participate, mom AND DAD and all the kids. We ended up reading 1 Nefi 8 about Lehi's dream and all of them understood it so well. The dad was participated as well and it was beautiful to see that he has a testimony, he just hasn't used it in a while. He cried as he told us that he needs to come closer to Heavenly Father... unfortunately he's the only worker for a small farm and has to work 12 hr days EVERY DAY. It was a miracle that we were able to catch him, the rain was a tender mercy. 

We are also working with a Part member family, they have really opened their hearts and their home to us, the lesson we had this week with them went SUPER well, they read 3 Ne 11 and we talked about Christ coming to the Americas, it's so cool to see when people realize how much we needed Him to come and establish His gospel here. 

Oh Kodey.... I don't remember if i've talked about him at all... but he's a great kid! and he's getting baptized on Saturday!!!! woooot wooot. Everyone is really excited for him, he has so much support from the ward out in Murtaugh. It's so cool to see how much of a difference that love has made.. "it takes a ward to raise a child" really took on a whole new meaning for me. 

Speaking of, I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting in the Branch. It was so fun! I haven't had the opportunity of speaking in a while. I spoke on "the Blessings of Service"--it was a lot of fun. Talk about a reality check... I think I was the one that learned the most as I studied. I was really reminded of all those people (both family and members in the ward) that have supported me through faithful church service. When we serve at our best because we recognize its a calling from Heaven, we will be more diligent and devoted. WE are the ones that learn the most from different callings but as we give our all we can touch so many lives. I've seen in in Kodey, he's living with a family in the ward and they have really taken him in as one of their own. Who takes in a 18 year old kid??? their love and patience have really helped him out. Amazing how we can change lives by simply living the gospel. 

I cut a potential investigator's lawn in a skirt--in record time! I am CONVINCED there is absolutely nothing that you can't do in a skirt. 

Anwywho. This week is going to be really good, it's really busy already! Time is just flying, it's absolutely surreal. I love you all, thank you so much for your love and support--and your prayers.


hermana Calero

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