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16 December 2013

Okay, this week has been the FASTEST week of my whole mission. complete with 2 Christmas parties, 2 exchanges and a whole lot of blessings. What is up with missionary work? We are literally blessed 24/7!!

Funny things first.... Remember how the Elders in my district got 5 baptisms?!? Well, now they are complaining cause they put 3 more people on baptismal dates and they are tired... Booo.

Sister Rex is HILARIOUS. I seriously love being her companion. The past 2 weeks had been really cold, like REALLY cold. We did a lot of walking and tracting so that didn't help... Last week sister Rex was complaining that one of her feet really hurt... Well, we ended up calling the mission doctor and he checked it out... ready?? SHE HAD FROSTBITE!!! hahahahaha. IT's only funny cause it would happen to her. And cause it wasn't all that bad, her foot was just really red. The doctor gave her some antibiotic and she's completely back to normal. Who gets frostbite in 2013... oh you know, Hermana Rex!

During one of the exchanges, Hna Santillan and I got to participate in a ward activity. Every year the members from one of  the Acequia wards get together and make/buy bread and hand it out to ALL THE NON MEMBERS in their ward boundaries! how amazing is that? Well, we got to go with them. We would sing Carols and deliver the bread. We ended up delivering it to Daisy, one of our investigators. She opened the door and we sang and she began to cry. It was really touching to see her so thankful for us coming over with some members and deliver some bread for her family. It is absolutely humbling to see how the most simple things are what touch the heart. I hate that this season has been turned into a season for luxuries and riches... No, this is a celebration of our Savior's birth, not a celebration of sales... ANYWAY....That was a really cool thing to be a part of.

Our little branch had a Christmas party on Saturday, that was really fun! We had 2 investigator families there and they loved it! We had posole for dinner and we watch a movie about the Savior's birth and sang Christmas hymns, the spirit of Christmas was very strong! apparently last year they had a piƱata but they didn't do it this year, how disappointing! hahaha. We also sang as a branch at a stake Christmas devotional, that was way nerve-wracking. We have been practicing every Sunday for like a month. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be... you know me and my love for singing in public....

We have transfers this week... Don't worry, we aren't going anywhere. But it is a little stressful for us because we are in charge of transporting sisters to and from the mission office. our are is changing a TON. The burley zone is splitting into a Rupert and Burley Zone. We have new Zone Leaders and new District Leaders, both of which will be in our district. Everyone is basically leaving Except for E. O'Bryant! Our are is going to change completely! It's going to be a lot of fun though, we are way excited.

This week we also have a Christmas Mission conference! I am so excited! They are doing a talent show and a ton of activities/food so it's going to be really fun. I know they have a special Christmas message planned too. I can't wait to see what kind of talents this mission has! expect a lot of pictures next week! Oh and also details about skyping... that will come next Monday I believe!

So yesterday we had an interesting experience. After sacrament meeting we had a girl come up to us asking if she could come out with us this week.... Turns out that she is home from her mission early because she has to have BACK SURGERY. Super scary. She said she was having a hard time adjusting and wants to spend as much time as possible with us. It hit me so hard... Missions only last 18 months.... I am already at my 6 month mark. I have one year left to do the thing I love the most 24/7.... We never know when things could happen and if we aren't careful this time will fly by. This week was proof of it. We had so much going on that before I knew it it was already Sunday. I'm going to be home before I know it, in this young girl's shoes... not knowing what to do with my life!! How scary. We called her this morning and set some stuff up for her to come with us... you could hear the happiness in her voice. Truly there is nothing that can bring more joy than spreading the gospel. That is the reason why I am the happiest I have ever been before... this isn't about me, it's about bringing others to feel the same happiness I feel EVERY DAY! Woot woot! this job is LEGIT.

With Christmas coming up I encourage each and every one of you to find ways to spread the gospel. What better way to do so than sharing messages about our Savior's birth. I promise that as you find people that the missionaries around you  can teach, you will get to taste a bit of the happiness that we experience every day. I love you all, I am so thankful for your prayers. I wish you all a great week!!


Hermana Calero

E. O'bryant, E. Twitchell, E. Bartlett, E. Alvarado, E.   , E. Nelson and us!

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