Wednesday, May 20, 2015

29 September 2014

Oh heavens, September is almost overrrrr!! nooooooooo 

it's been raining here for the past couple days. Oddly, it reminds me of my good ol Rupert days. Really makes me nostalgic. But it's been a good week!

A little bit of bad news... Our branch president's son passed away this week (on Monday) in a work accident. Really sad. He was young, his little son turned 1 on Saturday. They had the funeral in Rupert so we couldn't go, but our prayers have been with the family all week. Apparently his son's patriarchal blessing told him that he wasn't going to live long because he was needed elsewhere... wow. Never heard that before. Heavenly Father knows EEEVRRYYTHING. I know that was comfort for his wife and son, having a knowledge of HF's plan for us really makes everything so much easier, nothing brings comfort like the gospel. Please keep President Hansen and his family in your prayers, despite the comfort of the gospel it must be hard to lose a loved one... 

In other news. I had an exchange in Burley this week! I got to go back and see Araceli and her family (I'll include some pictures). They are doing so well! Juan is working with the Elders as a missionary and Araceli is in the Young Womens now. Apparently they made some changes in the branch as well, bro. Pierce was released as WML ( couldn't believe it!!) but he's in the bishopric of the ward now. Siiiick! so exciting to watch things change.

We watched the screening of "Meet the Mormons"... It was so fun! It's more like a documentary rather than a movie, movie, but it's still pretty good! we watched it as a Zone at the mission office--with popcorn and everything! They are encouraging us to get the word out about the film, so watch it, share it, post it... whatever it takes to do missionary work. People need to see it, it's great! 

Yesterday in the Murtaugh ward we had the primary program.. my testimony always grows seeing those little guys sing. I just love them. It's so cool to see how much parents affect the growth in testimony, you could tell which ones really loved primary... and which ones didn't. Bishop Perkins did something a little different, after the program he got up and bore testimony and left some blessing with us. He blessed us to understand our priorities and to teach our families. He taught that Teaching families is what is going to determine our salvation. It was really powerful, never seen anything like that before. 

I love this gospel, I love being a missionary. It's the best job in the world. 

I love you all, have a wonderful week. 

Hermana Calero

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