Wednesday, May 20, 2015

December 2013

Yay, another P-day to write to you about all the craziness that has been going on. I hope I can remember everything I want to say...

First things first... disobedience is of the devil... SERIOUSLY. I'm not talking like major rule breaking but enough to open the door  for satan to come in and mess us all up! Last Pday we had a sister get hit in the face with a football and black out... Not to mention half-way through the week she wasn't feeling well and finally on Saturday Sister Rex and I get a call from the Zone Leaders in the middle of our planning telling us that we need to go to the ER ASAP.... Long story short, the hit to the head was a little harder than expected and had caused her to seize... So because she was stubborn and STILL wanted to go out (even after spending the day in the hospital....) Sister Rex and I had to babysit her and take her to all her appointments because if we wouldn't have she would have ridden her BIKE. Oh agency... Oh the STRESS...

We also had a couple exchanges this week. Sister Zamudio came to my area and later in the week I went to sister Moore's area. Both times I learned so much, I am truly honored to serve with such amazing sisters.. It makes the stress in this calling totally worth it.

Yesterday sister Rex and I had the wonderful opportunity to teach in YWs. If there is one thing that I totally regret is not paying attention in YWs as much as I should have. It was like an open Q&A forum thing, they had so many questions/concerns about missionary work. IT was amazing to see these 12 yr olds start thinking about missions. We were able to talk to them about how we decided to serve and what missionary work is like but we were also able to tell them to enjoy their time NOW, in YWs. I think we worry too much about what is coming instead of focusing on where we are now. Sister Rex has a quote on her wall that I love... it says "God doesn't care about the time of day in which you get there but at the faith in which you arrive".... We just need to work on our faith, worry about what is coming when it gets here. We encouraged the girls to live in a way that leads to a mission, to prepare and be ready if and when they are called. It was an awesome experience to talk to them. You know, sometimes I walk into a room and they announce that "the missionaries are here" and I start looking around.... haha I totally don't feel worthy of all the praise.... I feel absolutely privileged to be a representative of our Savior.

OH. So we had Zone Meeting this week... and in light of Thanksgiving, we had a little "party".. How do missionaries party? we watch Ephraim's Rescue and everyone squirms awkwardly at the kissing scene... hahahahahahahahahha. I died. Oh man.. Missionary work...

That reminds me... Thanksgiving did NOT feel like thanksgiving. We got up, did our regular studies, did some service (at a local food shelter type thing... Talk about humbling experience to help those who can't have their own Thanksgiving) and then ate at the Coat's (the family we live with). In reality it hadn't hit me that it was really Thanksgiving until we were sitting around the table with the Coat's saying things we were thankful for... I cried of course! And mom, I definitely missed  your cooking! Then we had some time to go visit some members in the ward--cause let's face it.. who wants missionaries at their door on Thanksgiving? NO ONE. Then we had ANOTHER dinner.. yeah, I was "STUFFED" (pun intended... haha). All in all it was a good day, it only felt like thanksgiving for a split second at the Coat's but other than that it was a regular day!

Man, this email is HUGE compared to my emails lately. Boy do I love missionary work. And boy do I need sleep. Sister Rex and I came to the conclusion that as missionaries we are constantly tired.. it never lets up! Much less when you have assignments/callings... it just gets worse. But boy do I have a testimony of this work!

OH. So we met this guy earlier in the week that was totally bashing on the LDS church.. like I mean tearing us apart right there in his living room! It was such a crazy experience, I will have to share it with you guys some time because writing it in an email will just not do it justice. But long story short it was so cool to be able to bear my testimony and even though it did nothing for him, it definitely strengthened mine! I love to feel the power behind testimonies in situations like that. I came to realize there are two times when the spirit will just knock you off your feet (1) when you testify of the BOM and (2) when you testify of Christ. it was AMAZING.

I love this work. and I wish I had pictures to send home... We didn't really have any "Kodak moments" this week. Mom, remind me to send you a picture of our... VAN. yes, we drive a VAn... how terrifying.

Love you all, have a wonderful week! only 23 more days until I get to see you all!

The church is True!

Hna Calero

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