Wednesday, May 20, 2015

21 January 2014

..... It messed with our emailing schedule. Sorry mom for not letting you know, but I'm glad President let you know I was alive... haha how embarrassing. love you mom!
So last week we had Zone Conference, which was AWESOME. We learned a lot about having the faith to find. It has been an interesting week, we haven't found as many new investigators as we had hoped but we did teach a lot of lessons. The week was nice to us and it provided with lots of warm days so we were able to get out of the car and walk for a couple days--we talked to a lot more people than we would have if we would have just driven around. There were lots of families outside so it was easy to start up conversations.. unfortunately we didn't see many results BUT we did some exercise so that was good! Man, missionary work is hard!
... And a little disappointing. So remember good ol manuel? well, he didn't show up to church and he canceled our appointments this week.. yeah... bummer. We don't really know what's going on, but hopefully we can see him this week. I will keep you updated.
So... I feel bad I don't have much to write about... I made you guys wait until Tuesday and I don't have anything good to share.
OHHHH So funny story. So we went to the DI yesterday in search for some cool treasures and guess what I found?!?! This super old Libro de Mormon from like 1980... but that's not the cool part. Guess where it came from?! COLOMBIA!! Yup. Awesome.
So today in District Meeting I had to give a little training on "finding". Talk about humbling. I compared it to the parable of the Wheat and the Tares in Matthew 13 (13:24-30). When the enemy planted the tares in the midst of the wheat it was almost impossible to tell which was which until they both grew to maturity. It's the same in our missionary work. We can't ever tell who is ready and who is not ready for the gospel, only heaven knows. As we rely on the spirit and have the PATIENCE to wait for these individuals to grow to see what the results will be THAT is when we are going to find success. Interesting how that applies in so many aspects of life. Sometimes we have to make decisions that affect either our finances or our family life... When we make these decisions based on prayer and as we follow the guidance of the spirit we will always be able to tell the difference between the wheat and the tares.
....Food for thought....
ANYWHO. I'm sure I will have much more for you next week.
I love you all, hope you have a wonderful week.
Hermana Calero

1. Some members heard that I like Candy Canes...
2. What we call Hoar Frost... happens when the frost combines with the crazy wind out here.. sticks to everything! (yes, my nails are Pepto-Pink... Long story...)
3. Sister Rex and I yesterday. It was so sunny!!

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