Wednesday, May 20, 2015

18 August 2014

another week come and gone! 

okay, just a few things this week.... 

number 1: KODEY GOT BAPTIZED!!! wooo hooooooo. Seriously. most unbelievable thing ever, and probably the closest to perfection--honestly! we started at noon... ON THE DOT. not noon o' one, or noon fifteen... NOON. SSSSIIIICCCCKKK. Oh, and President Curtis was there.. Lots of people there to support Kodey, so cool. I'm betting 80% of the murtaugh ward was there, seriously. 

number 2: STAKE CONFERENCE. With Elder Eduardo Gavarret of the 70. The most amazing stake conference I've ever been in. He held a New convert devotional before the Sunday session and invited all the missionaries and their recent converts to attend. President and Sister Curtis were also at the meeting! so cool. 

Number 3: Had my first exchange with my STLs, hna Maese came to Kimberly this week! super weird but learned SO much from her. I seriously love her so much... she also informed me of a few updates in Burley.... I dont know if you guys remember Alejandro. He was the 18 year old (talked about him on Mother's Day) that had a baptismal date but ended up not wanting to meet with us. Well, before I left Burley he went off the deep end, got into drinking and just hanging out with the wrong crowds... well, I guess he started to soften up after I left and was starting to want to come back to taking the lessons, and that weekend that he talked to hna Maese...he died. Went to a party and on his way home he crashed into a pole off HWy 30.... yeah, super sad. Couldn't believe it. They were going to ship his body to mexico so he could be buried there. But the COOL thing was, Araceli and her family (Alejandro was like their cousin) decided that in a year they will be going to the temple to do his work, how cool is that? Solid family, I love them so much. 

During the baptism, Bishop Perkins was talking about how HF is an "Organizer", he commanded the elements and organized the world. His whole purpose is to have us return to His He sent other "organizers" to help Him with the work--Missionaries. We are here to organize the lives of those without the gospel, we are here to help people find their way back.. just thought it was such a cool thought. Day after day I learn more about the importance of missionary work. This is a work that isn't just for everyone, but it CAN be. If we are willing to be God's hand on earth, we too can help with the work of Organizing. I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father loved us enough to provide a plan for us. As we taught gospel principles this week we learned about Adam and Eve and how they were "Valiant Spirits"--and how true that is... They had no idea there was a plan in place for them. If they knew, they coudln't have exercised their agency. No wonder the joy and relief is so apparent as they learn about how a Savior would be provided (moses 5:11). WE know the plan, we just need to put it into action in our lives. 

Man, the days just fly around here... So much happens in one week, I wish I could describe every moment. 

Love you all, have a wonderful week!

Hermana Calero

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