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31 March 2014

ahhhhhh. Seriously. My mind has been absolutely blown this week. I don't even know where to start, all I know is that this is going  to be a LEGIT email. 

The week started with a really inspiring District Meeting. Our district leader is AMAZING. He's so young but he's such a spiritual giant. He bore his testimony and an experience on the atonement (seeing as Easer is coming up all of our training have been focused on the atonement and resurrection of our Savior) and left us all crying. The spirit was so strong and it truly set the tone for our week. 

Soooooo..... We have THE cutest investigator this world has ever seen. She just turned 84 and she has been seeing missionaries for 20 years. Her name is Rufina, she's from Michoacan, Mexico. Her granddaughter (who she lives with) is a member and is doing all she can so she can get baptized. Rufina can't read.. She didn't have much education so it's been quite the struggle to get her to accept the Book of Mormon. She loves coming to church and absolutely LOVES the hymns so when we go teach we will sometimes sing a hymn. We tried committing her to baptism this week.... she didn't accept but we had THE COOLEST EXPERIENCE. As we talked about the importance of baptism the spirit was so present. We could feel it so strongly. As we testified and tried to set the date she declined... We asked her what she was waiting for and she said for got to tell her when she needed to do it. We talked about how the scriptures are the word of God. I immediately looked to my companion and asked her "Hermana, how's your faith?" She looked at me KNOWING EXACTLY WHAT I WAS GOING TO DO. She answered with "stronger than ever". I handed my BOM to Rufina and testified to her that if she were to open it randomly and pick a verse we would read it--and if she had faith that God could give her an answer, she would have it. The spirit was SO STONG. My companion and I prayed the whole time while she flipped through Alma... She stops in Alma 26 and I could feel myself tearing up. She ended up pointing to verser 15. As we read it the spirit testified to her that this was exactly what God had planned for her. We all cried and my companion bore beautiful testimony of this gospel. So what happened? Well, she still said no. BAAAAHHHH. But then we realized it was because she was afraid of the water because she's so small. She said that she doesn't feel ready, she knows she needs to be baptized but that in some time. Although we didn't walk out of  that lesson with a baptismal date, we walked out of there with faith to move mountains. I KNOW without a doubt that Heavenly Father answers prayers. That if we simply ask, He will answer. The scriptures are HIS words, they are the road map to our lives. All it takes is to open them and read believing that answers will come. If it worked for us and Rufina, if it worked for Joseph Smith, why can't it happen to you? AMAZING. we stopped by later in the week to see how she was doing (she caught a cold this week). She was feeling better and she taught us how to make authentic tortillas! So cool. 

We had our first exchanged planned this week! My poor companion was so nervous but things turned out AMAZING. We had one planned, which went really well, another that wasn't planned...  but it ended up amazing. As we work next to these sisters I have come to realize the importance of being worthy of the spirit. While I was in another area on exchanges, I couldn't get some other sisters out of my mind. As I studied and prayed that I would be able to know that it was not just coming from me--I received confirmation that I needed to contact them. My companion and I exchanged back and headed directly to the area that I had been thinking and praying about. These sisters had been having a hard time. For us to arrive at the time we did was an answer to their prayers. We had yet another exchange. My companion went back to our area and once again, I spent the night in another area. YAY FOR SAME CLOTHES DIFFERENT DAY! haha. I am so thankful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He makes up the difference. When it feels like I can't do any more, when I'm not adequate to comfort and guide these sisters in their areas with their problems.. He qualifies me. He takes my faith and blesses me accordingly. 

Saturday was the AMAZING women's conference. I hope all of you got a chance to see it, it was so good. We had 4 investigators there and they were all amazed at how united the sisters are in our church--they loved it! 

Sunday we had 6 investigators at church! it was so exciting!! 

We attended a baptism of another sister companionship (? that makes no sense... spanish has taken over my mind--THANK YOU MEXICAN COMPANION, haha) and one of the sisters who had previously served in this area but went home early attended. OH THE HEARTBREAK. It's been so interesting to see missionaries who go home early and how they behave compared to missionaries who serve to the end. It's amazing how much of a change this gospel will bring, even if it's for a short time. As we sang "count your many blessings" and this sweet sister was given the chance to bare her testimony I realized that missions change lives. Seriously. 

Also, my companion shared this with me this week. LEGIT.

Cada joven tiene su cargador interno, como un celular, si no lo cargas , no sirve aunque sea muy caro con muchas funciones. Si hay amor, servicio, conocimiento, oración, lectura de las escrituras y la mejor actitud, quedas sin señal, y ese punto se produce cuando no hay oración, no hay señal cuando estas enojada, o molesta, cuando hay lectura de libros impropios, o escuchas chistes mal intencionados, o simplemente tienes desanimo, se pierde la señal! NO PIERDA LA SENAL!!!

This church is true. I have absolutley no doubt about it. and when my faith starts to waver I read 1 Cor 15:58. My new favorite. The Lord qualifies whom He calls. I have no doubt because on my own I could never accomplish all I've been called to do. 

I love you all. Have a wonderful week! 

Hermana Calero 

 my adorable companion and I! 

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