Wednesday, May 20, 2015

4 August 2014

Hello family!! 

Oh heavens, what a week. It feels like it was 2 days ago that I wrote last-sheesh. Oh time... 

It's August... IT'S AUGUST! So stoked, good times to come. I woke up this morning to rain, I felt like I was in heaven. The summer just flew by, apparently it's going to start cooling down soon so that'll be WEIRD seeing as summer just started. 

This week we ate at Hna Flora's house--my Venezuelan grandma! Oh my goodness, I just love her. she made arepas and black beans for us. HEAVENLY. That lady loves me, haha she's so cute. She just (?) got called to be the Soc Soc's 2nd counselor and she is LOVING it. 

This week we taught the Muños Family. The mom was baptized ages ago but has absolutely forgotten all the basics of the gospel. We are working with them to try and help the kids be ready for baptism, they love the church but they don't get support from their parents. I honestly don't remember the last time I cried out of frustration in a lesson... All I could do was bare my testimony.. the kids wanted to go to church so bad, the oldest was willing to get up extra early to do chores in order to have a couple hours off but  mom said no because she had to help babysit the kids while she worked... It absolutely broke my heart. Turns out that they are going to activities with another religion.. we don't know how long we will be able to hold on to them so we are trying to work over-time with them. So sad.

This week our faith was really tried. We've seen a lot of success lately so it was bound to happen that we would have a day go entirely wrong. We had like 6 SOLID appointments, we were so stoked, and they ALL canceled. We were low on miles and low on patience. It was a make it or break it sort of day. We prayed a lot that day and by the end we saw miracles. We recieved a referral after dinner and when nothing else worked we realized why. We contacted this family, the mom came out and pulled out chairs for us on her porch. We ended up sitting there for like 30 minutes talking to her about the atonement and what it means. It was absolutely beautiful to see her understanding grow as we testified of the love Heavenly Father has for us. We asked her if she would ever give up one of her sons to die for the sins of others and it was like it clicked. She was full of emotion and we could tell for the first time she understood the atonement a little better. Funny thing is, these people profess  to be so strong catholic (or any other religion for that matter) but none of these religions take the time to explain the atonement. I think I have met one or two people my whole mission that actually knew why we needed the atonement. So thankful for the time I've had to study and learn about what my Savior did for me, it has shaped everything I do. 

Fast Sundays are always my favorite. I love hearing how members got their testimony, how some of them fell away for years and come back and are now in the branch presidency and stronger than ever. It is amazing! One of the sisters shared that life is a roller-coaster, we have ups and downs and even loops! but one thing is for sure, when we believe in the power of the atonement, and believe that Heavenly Father can help us those lows aren't so low. The roller-coaster should get steeper and steeper the stronger we work on our testimony. Yesterday's lows won't be so low if we do what we have to TODAY to strengthen our faith. 

you know, I'm not quite sure what would become of me had I not come on a mission. I am SO thankful for the time that I have to grow, to make my foundation stronger so that when the world pushes I can push back with unshakable faith. I love this gospel, I love my mission. 

Have a wonderful week! 

Hna Calero


My companion awkwardly found a coke with my name on it.... hahaha
My companion steals kid's toys while they're not home... shame on her. 

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