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8 September 2014

I have like absolutely no desire to write.. haha. I've been watching mormon messages for like an hour...  

Anyway, we had a really good week this week! found 3 new investigators and Lalo Meneces is going to be baptized on the 20th! He went up to Pres. Hansen and asked him if he would baptize him, all on his own! we were so proud of him. So cool. I love seeing the change in people, how they grow and learn to apply the gospel. 

We had a really interesting lesson in Sunday School in Murtaugh. We learned about work. The brother made a connection between Moses 5:1 and what HF expects from us:  And it came to pass that after I, the Lord God, had driven them out, that Adam began to till the earth, and to have dominion over all the beasts of the field, and to eat his bread by the sweat of his brow, as I the Lord had commanded him. And Eve, also, his wife, did labor with him.
 Basically, what it comes down to is that they were Commanded to work. it wasn't a suggestion, it wasn't just something that would keep them busy, it was a commandment. The Bro. said that it's interesting how we spend all of our lives looking forward to the day when we simply do not have to work anymore--retirement. Well, if "God sells us things at the price of labor" then how do we expect to progress without putting in the effort? "To sweat is as much of a commandment as it is to pray" and I know that if we truly put in the effort to grow (whether in church callings, positions at work, or in the community) we will find true happiness. it's through work that we stay alive, it gives us a reason to move forward and strive for exaltation. Amazing.

We had a really awesome lesson this week with a new family we are teaching: Juan and Selene and their 4 kids. We had stopped by a few times in the past and nothing was really working out, but this time, as we went in with a sincere desire to find out what they needed--we found it. We talked about prayer and the importance of attending church. How these two simple, yet powerful actions will change our life and the life or of our families. I'm so SO thankful for the testimony I've gained on my mission about prayer, thankful to those that helped me get it as strong as it is. I don't remember much about the lesson (good thing I wrote in my journal that night) but I do remember the spirit that testified to me (and them) about the importance of prayer. At the end of the lesson the whole family knelt down and for the first time EVER Juan said a prayer. The spirit was soooo strong. There is truly no better job than being a missionary. 

We had some cool experiences while out with a young woman. She is the daughter of a bishop in one of the wards, we gave her the "full missionary experience"--she came out all day with us. It was super cool. Never had a more exhausting day on my mission, i feel like I"m still trying to recover. Its so cool to be able to help youth decide whether missions are for them, I know she really felt the spirit.. and no doubt she was exhausted when we were done. 

We had a really awesome lesson with Brandy last night. We took the RS president with us and what a powerful testimony that woman has. We taught L3 and talked about the importance of baptism and repentance--truly powerful. 

We have an appointment tonight with a peruvian family!! I can't even express how excited I am cause I haven't met people from anywhere else besides mexico in like--AGES. 

this week should be pretty good. I'm really excited for stake conference at the end of the week. 

have a wonderful week! I love you all. 

Hermana Calero


I LOVE these things on people's doors.. seriously, cracks me up everytime!

and a little girl was riding around the neighborhood we were walking with a dead bat in her bike basket... how odd.. and GROSS.. 

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