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Happy Mother's Day! 5 May 2014

Here I go trying to remember everything that happens around here... 
Tuesday we decided to take some time to walk, the weather has been really nice so it was a good opportunity to catch people outside. Well, we did! We were walking by the church and we see an 'older' guy (poor thing had to be at least 1,000) trying to move a huge garbage-can full of dirt with a moving dolly thing. It was stuck on a rock and he couldn't get it over. So we ran over and helped him out. We ended up putting the dirt in bags and moved them to the side walk so someone could come pick them up. He talked to us about the 8 missions he's served and how glad he is that missionaries are always willing to help--even if it's in skirts. We helped him move an air pump that he borrowed from his neighbor (who is also an older man that can't really see or hear). Watching these two interact was the cutest thing I have ever seen. They ended up running into each other because neither one of them can really talk real loud/see/hear and one of them had a hat on so he wasn't looking. CUTEST thing ever! my companion and I almost lost it. We caught them both before they fell over. Oh man. the things that happen in Burley...
Speaking of service. We were talking in gospel principles about service and one of the Brothers in the branch says" It's funny how we are given laws and then given blessings. As I was studying I realized something. Since 'There is a law irrevocably decreed in heave.. upon which all blessings are predicated' I decided to look for the blessing that comes with service and I found that the blessing is LOVE. When we serve others we receive love for them!" and you know, it really got me thinking. Why is it so easy for missionaries to love everyone regardless of their circumstances? Cause we serve them. Why is it that when we cut our own lawn it feels like it takes FOREVER but when we do it for our neighbor who is a widow it doesn't seem nearly as long? because we're serving. The only way to truly love others is to spend time serving them. I can honestly say that the people that I love the most are because I have gone out of my way to 1. get to know them and 2. to serve them. We can't love someone we don't know and we can't love unless we take the time to serve. one of our recent converts put it so well "si no vives para servir, no sirves para vivir". Serving others is the key to a happy life.  
More on service... Gema (my "tia" from Rupert) fed us this week. It was so good to see her again. we called her because our dinner had canceled and we wanted some really good Mexican food. So she drove all the way home from Rupert to make us entomatadas. oh heavens, the best dinner I've had since the last time I ate at their house in Rupert! Oh it was so good. We got to talking and once again my heart was just full of love and admiration for her. She works all day while her daughter is at school and all night while her daughter is asleep--why? oh just so she can pay for violin and gymnastics and all the things her daughter loves to do. Talk about one of the best mothers in the world. Before we left we shared a message with her--but she didn't need it. She had just gotten to Rupert from being at the temple--she goes every week (sometimes twice a week) without fail. This woman is an example of what a mother, sister, and friend should be. I love her to death and I'm so thankful for her sacrifices--even to feed a couple of weirdo missionaries.
Araceli got confirmed Sunday! and 2 babies were blessed! it was so amazing to hear that confirmation and those blessings. They were each promised such specific things, Araceli is a wonderful mother already but having the Holy Ghost will only make her that much better. The babies were blessed with many things according to their obedience as they grow. The spirit touched me so strong and I was thankful for my parents. Although it's Mother's Day I am equally grateful for both. I have been spending the last 11 months of my mission teaching about how the gospel blesses families I have truly come to appreciate my own. I love you mom and dad! thank you for making sure that out of all our traditions, the tradition of the gospel has been one you have worked so hard to instill in us. I'm so thankful for you and I can't wait to see you on Sunday!
By the way. Physical therapy has been going really well, I've been going 2x a week and it's been helping. I'm so thankful that my doctor is a member--no wonder I got sent to Idaho, I needed these people's generosity.
I love this work, I love being a missionary and I can't wait to tell you all about it on Sunday! Love you all.
Hermana Calero

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