Wednesday, May 20, 2015

13 January 2014

I don't even know where to begin. This week was INSANE. I'm so exhausted...
Let's start with something funny... EVERYONE GETS MY NAME WRONG! haha. Seriously. No one has ever heard of the last name Calero before so it goes through the most interesting variations... Valero, Valerio, Calorie (yes.... NICE.), Clair..... and so many more.. SERIOUSLY!?!?! I guess my last name is a lot harder  than I thought. Good times.
This week we had, for the first time EVER, a Spanish Missionary Meeting. It was legit! It was from 8-3 of 100% Spanish--so fun! The part that wasn't so fun was that as STLs we had to give a 30 minute training on Chapter 10 in PMG. Talk about nerve-wracking! Hna. Rex and I giving a training to like a million Spanish missionaries in SPANISH?? It went really well though, we prayed so much and prepared as best as we could. We ended up receiving a lot of personal revelation as well as comfort and strength for our own area, it was SO cool!
Despite this week being really slow... it was really faith-building. like REALLY faith building... So Sunday (yesterday) was... interesting... None of the counselors from the Branch Presidency were there, which means we didn't have their wives who were the ONLY ones who played piano. We didn't have anyone to translate, and we didn't have anyone to lead the music... The Elders were blessing/passing the sacrament and hna Rex was sitting with our legit investigator Manuel. so OBVIOUSLY I was the only option for all of them! Golly. I lead the music (acapela mind you...), Translated, and prayed during sacrament meeting. The longest meeting of my life. BUT the Elders did a great job with the Gospel Principles class so Manuel learned a lot! which was good considering sacrament meeting was a disaster. Good Times #2
So the other highlight of the week was teaching a less active family. They are SO amazing. We had an FHE  with them this week and we taught them about the Plan of Salvation. It was so cool to see the dad open up and start remembering things from when he was young and went to church. He hasn't been in probably 20 years, which is super sad but they are such an amazing family! We had them make their own Plan of Salvation picture to put up in their house, it was super cute. They attended church Sunday so that was awesome!
I found a really cool quote the other day... I'll include a picture.
Hna Rex and I are doing a new type of language study, where she reads out of the Liahona  and I write everything she says.... My spelling is getting better, and those stupid "tildes" are driving me up the wall! Hna Rex's grammar is like impeccable. it's perfect! I don't understand it! So she teaches me how to write and I teach her how to be patient with me cause I don't get it..
Oh, it snowed this week. We went around shoveling random people's walks, it was really fun! Hna. Rex had never shoveled snow before so naturally she did 80% of the work because she just thought it was so fun and she hogged the shovel...
Sorry it's so short, I wish I had more cool things to talk about. Our Zone is going sledding today.. but we're not cause we are running low on miles and knowing me I would probably break something...
Love you all, hope  you have a good week!
Hna. Calero

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