Wednesday, May 20, 2015

3 November 2014

what a week!

There's a few things that I want to share really quick.. 

first... here are some quotes from Zone Meeting that I plastered all over my planner:

"Ask HOW, not WHY"

"The Lord strengthens you as you decide to be diligent"

"Virtue=Power, Master yourself, master the enemy"

"The Lord rewards Courage"

"Live up to your Calling"

Oh I'm going to miss these meetings.. It's amazing to see how taking the "easy" route in life is just that--EASY. Heavenly Father doesn't reward when we do what's convenient, He rewards when we do our best. 

Yesterday we taught the Gospel Principles class about covenants and it touched that topic as well. HF sets the conditions but He also sets the BLESSING. We want a particular blessing? obey the commandment that is tied to that blessing--easy enough! Its' so incredible how the more we learn the more our testimony is deepened. no wonder reading scriptures daily and saying prayers is a commandment!

Yesterday Bishop Perkins was released from the Murtaugh ward, I'm pretty sure I spent 90% of the meeting crying...what a good family. He was young and really good with helping us out with the work out there. 

we also had a fireside there, celebrating past missionaries. everyone that had served set up a booth with all the things from their mission and brought food to represent their country/state--it turned out AWESOME. hoping that might light a little more of a missionary fire in that ward. 

For halloween we carved pumpkins with the Perkins and watched a movie with our district--it was pretty fun! 

Time feels like it's slipping through my fingers.. it's been a hard week but it's been good. all the struggles really helps me remember to rely on Heavenly Father and not myself. I love this work. I love being a missionary. 

Love you all, have a wonderful week! 

Hna. Calero

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