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17 March 2014 (Happy Birthday Tina)

Good news is: I think I have all of Rupert memorized! 

Bad News is: It does me no good cause I got transfered!!! oh man. the pain! Seriously. This whole transfer we have spent time getting emotionally prepared for hna Rex leaving and me taking over the area... President called on Saturday to let us know he had other plans for us...I'm headed off to Burley with Hna Maese on Wednesday. 

don't get me wrong, I'm super stoked to serve with this sister. She is AMAZING. She came in at that 3 week transfer after I came in, she is an incredible missionary. I'm just super sad to leave Rupert. SO BUMMED! but what do we do? We move on and add Rupert to the "I'm coming back" list.

[As A side note: we are having a WIND STORM today... like all day. We LITERALLY couldn't get out of the car for like 5 minutes because the wind shut us in. scariest thing EVER. We had to wait to come to the library because the power had been our for like 2 hours. So I hope I can get this out before the power goes out again.]

Man, this week has been one to remember. I don't even know where to begin, It has been absolutely amazing! 

Beginning with exchanges in Malta... oh man. what a trip it was to go back. that place hasn't changed!! There was nothing better though than coming home at the end of the day to see Naomi and Kent. I was so nervous!! haha. I didn't know what to do. but it was so good. I definitely needed it. Can't wait to go back. 

So funny story. Last Monday after we were done emailing we wen't to our fancy little Mexican hole-in-the-wall place to eat. This older couple walk in and sit in the booth across the restaurant and to the left. Long story short this lady was SUPER uncomfortable that we were in there. She was super catholic--like one of those really REALLY old-school Catholic. After a few minutes she took the keys to her husband's can and went and got like a veil thing to put over her head. She was so squirmy and uncomfortable. Hna Rex and I just sat there and enjoyed our food. Like 5 minutes later she turns to her husband and says "No quiero estar aqui.. no me siento comoda". so she shifts to a whole different booth so that she can't see us! She crossed herself like 15 times! it's so crazy how a lady--who had to be at least 60--can be so uncomfortable in the presence of 2 20-21 year old girls who happen to be called as representatives of Jesus Christ... SO COOL!!! So out of respect we packed up our food and left. Crazy how the spirit works in some people... 

Jessica was baptized Saturday! so happy we had the chance to meet her and hand her over to the elders, her conversion is truly amazing and wouldn't have happened without the help from the members in the wards.. so cool. We attended her baptism and cried the whole time. We hope her husband follows in her footsteps, they need this gospel so bad! 

This week we had an amazing meeting in Twin. they invited all the Leadership to attend and we had a meeting with some representatives of the church who travel to all missions to help with missionary work. Long story short, we found out we have been doing missionary work all wrong! haha, no not really but they gave us some really good suggestions and ideas as to how to improve. It is basically up to us, the leaders, to take this to our individual areas and teach by example. When we left the meeting hna Rex and I walked out with new determination to be better, as we applied the teachings of planning and how to improve our door-approaches and other little things we saw great success. Its amazing how many tools we are given as missionaries to further the work of the Lord, we just need to apply them and be better. Funny how even in basic missionary work we need the atonement. We need repentance to truly change and become better. 

Also, tender mercy #168456--> we GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE WITH THE SISTERS IN THE BRANCH! it only took some begging to president but he let us go! my first ever spanish session! COOLEST THING EVER. The church is true. In spanish AND english. so cool. 

Since president called on Saturday morning, it kind of threw off the rest of our day. We had a relief society activity at 10 am, a little "spa day". We were hoping Mary-Jo would go but she didn't...

 Knowing who was going and who was staying made Sunday a little awkward. We had a 6 am meeting where the stake president was sad to hear of all the changes going on in our area. We are losing a couple really good elders too so this area is going to see a really big change! After the meeting we had mission prep at 7:30 and then our Junta with the branch at 10 and church at 11:15. It was Branch conference so we were super excited to have President Eams with us. He's so great! He taught the COOLEST lesson in Sunday School about Genesis 39 when Joseph runs from Potifar's wife. Super cool--our branch needed it! Hna Rex and I were in charge of giving the Relief society lesson, it was on the Sacrament. Holy cow. The best lesson ever. We walked out of that lesson having learned and understood our Savior more than anyone else--i'm sure of it. Funny how it works that way. 

Funny moment of the week #165498132: a DOG GOT INTO OUR CAR! Wait. I need to back up... so the office took our fancy corolla to give us a Jeep because they forgot we drove on dirt roads a lot... haven't decided how I feel about that yet but HEY, I won't be here! So we got out to go talk to the Stake secretary (about a crazy lady that called the church building wanting to get her records taken off because her dad was crazy and she didn't want to be sealed to him anymore... yeah...) but ANYWAY. He wasn't home. So we walk back and there was a dog that followed us all the way to the jeep. The moment I open the door this GIANT BLACK LAB hops in our car!! we were DYING. We were laughing so hard. Oh man. I'll have to send the video home sometime. I DIED. So funny. took us like 15 minutes to get him out and get going. It was hilarious. 

Anywho. I'm looking forward to this week, kinda :) I'm really excited to start a new chapter with a new sister in a new area. I'm going to miss my goober of a companion so much! Can't wait to write next week and tell yo uall about it! 

As for the doctor... still no results but no news is better than bad news! I'll take it. Thanks for all the prayers, I have felt a lot better lately. The power of prayer is incredible. 

I love you all. talk to you next week from Burley!! 

Hermana Calero

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