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10 March 2014

Seriously, I don't know what it is about this "mission thing" but I've seen nothing but MIRACLES the whole time I've been here.
I don't even know where to begin... I guess first things first.
WE GOT KICKED OUT OF THE COAT'S HOUSE!! jk. but really. We don't live there anymore... So basically that means we HAVE NOTHING AT HOME. We moved into our own little cozy apartment, i'll include pictures because it is the CUTEST apartment ever. We moved out of the Coat's and into our place in less than 4 hours.. it was the most ridiculous day we have ever had. Good time, I'll have to tell more about that some other time.
Got another haircut today from Dianne... SHE LIKES US!!!! seriously. We went to go see her this week to see if she could schedule a haircut and guess what?! SHE INVITED US IN. usually she barely even opens the door. So today while I was getting a trim we invited her to a baptism (Jessica the girl we were teaching and then handed off to the English elders so that she could go to  the English ward) and she accepted! Oh man, the things that happen when you show sincere interest in people. It'll be good, we are so excited.
FAST AND FURIOUS 18... aka: MY COMPANION. Seriously. So she had been teaching an investigator (before my time) who ended up moving out of our area and she was never able to get an address. So here we are driving down the street trying to go contact some people where out of nowhere she pulls the craziest U-turn and starts following a car! "there she is!!!!" hahahahaha. Long story short we followed this poor investigator all the way to Subway where we cornered her for her address so that we could give it to the elders. FUNNIEST TING EVER! Oh man. the lengths that missionaries go..
CHANGE..... changes everywhere!! We also got a new car! I swear, I have been through so many cars... but it has a backup screen! it's SUPER NICE.
*ANYWHO. enough of the fluff.*
This week we had such a LEGIT lesson with Mary Jo. I don't know if I've talked to you guys about her but she's on date to be baptized on the 22! we are so excited! She has such a strong testimony and is so prepared. She's the one that's dating Bro. Facundo (the blind guy in our branch).
So this week was definitely a week of miracles. I had the privilege of going on exchanges this week with one of our sisters. Long story short, the atonement is real. It's amazing how Mercy works. I have really taken some time to read about it this week and I found out why during that exchange. Sometimes (okay, basically almost always) we make decisions in life that affect our spiritual natures. It is so crazy that when we decide to take the proper steps of repentance everything else falls into place. Yes, we do have to suffer the consequences but ultimately the healing that comes from it is absolutely worth it. In Psalms 147:3 it teaches us a little bit about that--he heals our hearts, the consequences remain but eventually they can be healed.
As I studied in my scriptures about affliction, adversity, and "enfermedad" or "sicknesses" I came to an interesting conclusion. in the Guia de las escrituras (or the guide to the scriptures--a mix of True to the faith, BD, and topical guide in Spanish) I read that in the scriptures illness often is a representation of "spiritual discomfort"... As I counseled this young sister to talk to our mission president, I felt the council applied to me too. It definitely didn't help that this past week I turned 9 months, I have hit half way and want to make the best out of the time I have left. As I talked to President about life, goals, and things I want to accomplish, he helped me understand what is expected of me. As I lightened the burdens that were on my shoulders I found mercy, hope, and healing--both physically and spiritually. I have an MRI coming up this week... I have had a lot of physical struggles. After meeting with president I can honestly say that I am slowly but surely healing. My testimony exploded. I found that I am not just here to learn about the atonement, I'm here to apply it so that I can help others understand the healing that comes from it. Do I still feel discomfort? yes. Am I worried? NO. My testimony of the Love our Heavenly Father has for us is enough to get me through. He loved us so much He sent His son to feel everything we have felt, so we can just LET IT GO. As we use the atonement and use our priesthood leaders to help us heal our wounds, THAT is when we can see a change. Not just a change in behavior, but a change in our nature.
Speaking of change. there is a sister in our branch who I love SO much. Well, something that seems to be a common trend here (Well, with the Hispanic/Mexican culture) is a lot of abuse in the homes. This particular sister went through many years of being abused by her husband, she has a son who is like 23 and a daughter that's 8 or 9. She is currently working on divorce but the emotional scars are definitely still there. It has been really hard to know about this 
and see this man in Sacrament meeting almost every Sunday. He attends church so he can have an excuse to see his daughter. I had the WORST feeling ever, I mean, I HATED THE GUY. During all of last week's sacrament meeting  I kept praying for a change of heart. For me to love him regardless of what he had done. As I studied about forgiveness during the sacrament I had the BIGGEST warm feeling come over me. For a split moment I felt the love that heaven has for him and I was chastised to no end! The gospel is for everyone, everyone has potential to change, we just have to see those individuals through heaven's eyes.
AHHH I'm out of time. so much more that I wish I could share with you guys. we will have to review my journal when I get home.
I love you all. Have a wonderful week!
Hermana Calero

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