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21July 2014

woot, woot Transfer time! I will be leaving Burley Sp and head to Kimberly Sp 4 where we will cover Murtaugh, Hansen, and Kimberly--we will be doing Spanish AND English work so it'll be fun! I hear great things about the Spanish Branch in Twin where we will attend, I'm looking forward to it! My companion will be Hermana Rodriguez, she's from Southern California.

Oh man, this week. So many things. 

The week started off great! on Tuesday we had the opportunity to go with the Branch and help out in one of the Bishop Storehouse Fields! It was so cool to see a whole stake gathered together to help weed the bean field. We were each in charge of 3 rows up (1 mile) and 3 rows back... a total of 2 miles and 6 rows just bent over pulling the weeds! I've been sore for the majority of the week but it was a lot of fun. 

We had exchanges (my last one!), I went with Hermana Rodriguez to Kimberly (how inspired of us) and had the opportunity to do more service. Every month the Twin Falls South Zone (my new zone) gets to do service at the local Salvation Army serving evening meals  to the homless. wow, what humbling experience--honestly. It was really good to see Hermana Rex one last time before transfers, she's headed home on Thursday!! 

It's been a really good week. We had an amazing lesson with bro. Contreras yesterday, I'm not quite sure who needed it more, us or him! As we planned for him this week we felt like the best way for him to know his savior is to do a quick re-cap of what it was that He did for us. We brought the Finding Faith in Christ video, we had no idea how big of an impact it was going to have. When the video ended my companion and I bore testimony of the reality of our Savior's life and mission, his eyes filled with tears and he knew it was true. He told us that Saturday night he had a dream with his brother who had passed away several years ago--Bro. Contreras now had hope that he could see him again. It was such a tender mercy to be able to bear witness that this message is true, he is making such progress, we are excited to continue working with him. 

We have a baptismal interview tonight with hna Maria, she is going to be baptized on Saturday! We are really excited for her, her son was baptized this past Saturday (his wife was baptized like 4 months ago) so the family is really coming together in the gospel! I'm so bummed I'm going to miss it!!!!!! 

Also, Araceli and her family will be attending the temple on Wednesday for the first time! Hna Maese and her new companion will get to go with them, how exciting! I'm so happy for Araceli and her family.

OH. how could I forget?? There was a combined branch activity/celebration with the Rupert/Burley branch. We got to go! oh heavens, it was so fun. So good to see the branch members from Rupert and to be able to celebrate the 31 years that small branch has been working. So cool! they had some dances choreographed and stuff, it was so fun! 

Anyway, that's about all for the week! I'm sure I'll have more next week! I love you all! have a wonderful week. 

Hermana Calero

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