Wednesday, May 20, 2015

20 October 2014

Another week come and gone! 
I walked into the mission office this week and saw my skinny face on the Return with honor board... Shameful.

We have a couple new elders in our district, kicking things up a little bit. Change is always good! 

Just a few things for this week

first.. we got attacked by dogs. they were GIANT AND OUT TO KILL US. okay that's a lie.. one was a puppy but he bit me. We've been trying to contact a referral out in the middle of no where for like a month and the only things we found home that day were the dogs.. sigh. wish something cool could have come out of this story.. 

Second.. we met a lady named Yolanda.. She was anything BUT NICE. We had talked to her outside her home before and we went back this week hoping she would have a change of heart.. and she did--she let us in. She kept talking about how as LDS we just do what we're told and how we are wasting out time on a mission and all that fun stuff... so what good came out of this? I realized that I had no desire to argue back! odd, I know. As we testified and talked to her about the blessings of the gospel she started to soften up and clean up her language a bit... so here we are, thanking her for her time and she says "well, when are you going to come back?", we were shocked! so here we were feeling great because we thought we got through to her when... i spill her kid's gatorade on her carpet... how embarrassing. So AFTER  I clean it up she says.. "you can come back but i'm not giving you anything to drink--you;ll stain my carpet!".. why do these things happen to me? 

Third, We've hit kind of a slump and it's been hard. We've had a lot of success finding new investigators and teaching but it seems like this past week no one wanted us. it was really hard and a HUGE test for us to stay diligent. We were able to fill some time with some service but it didn't feel too good to help some investigators pack up and move to California.. it seems like we are losing investigators left and right but as my trainer taught me "there are bumps in the road but nothing frustrates the work". ha.

sooooo We endured to the end of the week and saw the blessings. on Sunday Reyes helped bless the sacrament and Lalo helped pass it.. our two RC being able to exercise the priesthood. it was powerful and truly a blessing to be able to witness something so good after such a hard week. Over and over I'm grateful for the Sacrament, it truly gives me the fuel that I need to make it another week. 

that's all I really have for this week.. 

Can't believe we only have one more full week of October!!

I love you all--have a wonderful week! 

Hermana Calero

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