Wednesday, May 20, 2015

16 June 2014

whew, another P-day.. Man, these weeks just FLY.
This week was CRAZY. We had transfers on Wednesday and I thought I was safe from not going anywhere.. but we moved! We no longer live with the Shaw's, we have our own apartment just a few blocks down. It's like in the middle of town so it makes it super easy to get everywhere--not that Burley is that big anyway..
SO this move proved to be inspired. Friday was a really rough day for me. Just had a lot of things fall through.. We had a branch activity though and TONS of people came. We had over 200 people there. there were some of the Spanish branch members from Raft River so it was really neat to get to see them again. Anyway, we got home and I wasn't feeling all that great. As we were planning for the next day we noticed that the people that live above us had been making like a TON of noise--turns out they were moving. so here we go, quickly got our service clothes on and helped them out. Basically they were put above us for two reasons: 1) for me because I was having an emotional melt down and it fixed everything and 2) we got their address for the missionaries in Twin. LEGIT. Heavenly Father really knows what he's doing, doesn't he?
Anywho. Great news! Araceli's husband has a baptismal date for next weekend! We are so stoked. This man went to not wanting anything to do with us to 2 lessons+baptismal date. This family is SO prepared, we are so excited for them. Juan has really seen a change in Araceli and wants it for his family. On sunday Juan couldn't come because their little girl was sick and so he traded Araceli so she could come to church. When he came to pick her up we asked him if he wanted someone to give his little girl a blessing, he a greed. Later he said he couldn't wait until he was worthy of the priesthood so that he could bless his girls. my heart almost exploded with excitement. This family is SO GOOD.
Sunday was the best day ever--as always. I am so thankful for the chance to take the sacrament every week--it truly saves me.
After Church on Sunday we went to go see the Contreras fam. Sister Contreras had missionary discussions for like 8 years. She finally got baptized--she was the sister that got baptized my first weekend here in Burley. Anyhow, so we've been teaching her husband--he also went from running away at the sight of us to actually listening. His heart hasn't been softened and he doesn't see the need for God in his life but he does worry a lot about his son on the mission. He's been out like 4 months and he really misses him. On sunday we were able to talk to him about what his son is doing on his mission and we gave him the first lesson. The spirit was so strong. he didn't even open his beer while we were there! (he usually gets up to get one in the middle of our chats...). If there is one thing that I have absolutely loved is being able to see the change in people. We might want to see them change by accepting the gospel and being baptized but that happens over time. The moment we teach them to pray that communication allows for the spirit to enter and change them little by little--no wonder it often takes several sets of missionaries to have a conversion.
I love this work.
In other news.. my companion surprised me the other morning with Arepas for breakfast... best breakfast of my life. Oh and aguapanela...
I hope you have a wonderful week, thank you for your prayers. I love you all.
Hna Calero
1. I think I wore through my shoes...
2. The Contreras Fam

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