Wednesday, May 20, 2015

10 November 2014

Oh this week... Just a few things:

Remember that lady (Yolanda) who hated us? well she invited us over for lunch this week... that was a BLESSING. We got to eat and talk to her and I think she's starting to like us.... We are hoping to be able to share a message with her this week. Slowly but surely... we're gonna get her to listen! 

We have been working hard this week, we have a couple potentials who will hopefully turn into investigators this week. We spent some time walking and knocking doors, we found a place neither of us had ever been to and it seemed to work--new move ins! woot woot. we're really excited to work with the Vargas family, the gospel seemed to come knocking at the perfect time. 

We had an investigator at the Elder's baptism! she brought her daughter and she loved it. A brother that spoke Spanish came to talk with her and asked her if she was a member and she said "not yet".... we almost peed our skirts with excitement! haha. 

I learned something really cool this week... I learned that no one can really tell you how your mission is going to end. Everyone has such different perspectives of what they expect the end to be like/what their experience was that you never know what to think! I have been really frustrated the past couple weeks because I was so sick--here I was trying to be the best and work the hardest in the time I have left aaaaand I become best friends with the toilet... my prayers turned into pleadings for a relief, not even the priesthood power healed me as "immediately" as I was hoping it would. In a way it was like HF was telling me to deal with it... so I did. So the second lesson I learned this week was: the quicker you learn the lesson, the less the trial lasts. The week ended on a high note and I'm back to about 99.9% health and things are great!

Oh patience.. I don't think it'll ever be a virtue that I master... 

Well, my time is up! have a wonderful week--I love you all!

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